Thursday, July 26, 2007

It’s a foggy night at Countryside

Runway 6 guide lights flashing towards the 12th green
The Little House on the 13th tee blocks a guide light.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Runway 6 Approach

This evening was one of those foggy nights here at Countryside Golf Course. The neighborhood was enveloped by very heavy wet air that activates the brightening of the guide lights on the approach to runway 6 at the corner of Ranch and Lewiston. This is where you golfers cross from the 12th green to the 13th tee. The brightening of the flashing strobe-like guide lights have to be experienced on a foggy night like this to get the full effect. The heavy air meeting the intensified brightness of the guide lights is almost 4th of Julyish. The first picture was taken from my patio. The second picture is of the little outhouse at the 13th tee location with a guide light flashing behind it? Sight of a fatal airplane crash in 1994 – CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE. I’m sure someone will comment here on its real use of this little house for this non-golfer. The third picture is right out of the movie – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. It is the little ships making way for the mother ship. Won’t the new home owners be surprised when their living rooms and bedrooms light up for the first time one foggy night? Video to come later as I just returned from the mother ship and am feeling a bit disoriented.

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