Friday, November 16, 2007

It’s Not Personal – It’s Politics

I am just finding out just how vindictive politicians and their supporters can be. I learned a hard lesson tonight. As some of you know I am on the Roanoke City Democratic Committee. I have worked on the new bylaws for the committee for 2 years starting originally with Sam Garrison who passed away in May of this year. I promised him I would continue his work and see it through. I thought I was doing a service that would be appreciated by the membership no matter the contention that existed in the rank and file. After all it was for the good of the party, right?
I won’t go on about how many late hours I spent on them but suffice it to say they were much better than the 18 year old 30 page bylaws we have now. I was not the only person who worked on them but I bore the brunt of the work.
Those that voted against the bylaws did so “just because”. They were Don Caldwell, Onzlee Ware, Linda Wyatt, Bill Bestpitch, and even the Secretary who praised me on how hard I was working – JoAnn Edmunds. Many showed up for the meeting for the first time just to vote against them and had not even read them after all these months. The smirk on Delegate Onzlee Ware’s face is burned in my memory. You know, it all started with the sign blocking our intersection and my asking him to move it so we could see oncoming traffic CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS POST ABOUT THAT.
On another note our Chair was impersonated in an official election matter. CLICK HERE FOR THE CH7 NEWS STORY ON THIS.
I usually don’t discuss politics on this blog but this is an exceptional occurrence.

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