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Carla Lewis Scholarship Fund Announced at Gainsboro Library – Video

Jazz on the Gainsboro Library patio with Bob Hale Jazz Band on a warm summer night. It was an all day event that started with Madeline Wiener, sculptor for the pieces that will grace the area around the patio by the end of October. Food, ice cream and cool jazz permeated the air.

Wiener instructed children and adults during the day in stone cutting as seen in the pictures. Wiener’s sculptures were picked for Gainsboro for their attraction to children. It will give them a comfortable place to sit while reading.  The area is called the Gainsboro Reading Garden.

Contemporary abstract figures in stone, from marble to sandstone to granite, has been Madeline Wiener’s main focus since studying at The New York School of Visual Arts from 1968-1974.   A trip to Italy and her many days of sketching sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York began Madeline’s journey in stone.  Founder/director of The Marble Institute of Colorado, Madeline has remained intent on finding new and expressive ways to create her abstract figurative stone sculptures.  Working trips to far-away places like Scotland and India have provided the opportunity to create site-specific, monumental public installations and fulfill Madeline’s  dream of using her art to foster cultural exchange.  The creation of the Marble Institute of Colorado’s MARBLE/marble Symposium has provided a venue for cultural exchanges between artists from different countries and varying disciplines.


Madeline has been exploring the area of public sculpture. While previously attempting to bring the viewer into the work through enticing a tactile response, she now brings the viewer in by asking that they become a part of the work itself . . . inviting real children to climb with the stone children. “While I adore carving the Yule Marble, I have been exploring other stone, and the challenges this natural medium offers.”

Madeline’s work can be seen at Sarasvati Fine Arts Gallery in Loveland and her studio in Denver, Colorado.

Carla Lewis

Carla Lewis

Carla Lewis was honored for her over 36 years with the Roanoke Library System. She retired Thursday and Tommy Waters from Chicago will take her place. Lewis was surprised when City Manager, Darlene Burcham announced a scholarship fund in her name. Burcham was the first to contribute a check to the Carla Lewis Scholarship Fund for young future librarians.

Lewis, 60 received some unusual gifts from her husband, Peter that included a pair of bib overalls and box of Mason jars. These gifts, said her husband, are for when they retire to their farm in Floyd County. The last gift made up for the gag gifts. Peter gave Carla brochure that identified a Caribbean cruise. A cruise is something Carla had always wanted.

Peter a confirmed bachelor met Carla at the Gainsboro Library 19 years ago and that was the end of his freewheeling ways.

Cafe night was Carla’s idea. It is a combination of music,  poetry, and discussion of local events or any topic of interest. Carla was instrumental in recording black oral history from the likes of Alfonzo Holland. Holland walked in the door with flowers in hand and a big hug for Carla. Actually Holland is found of the ladies as Burcham and I joked that it seemed every woman he hugged was his “favorite” girlfriend. Holland is loved by all.

Councilwoman Anita Price read a proclamation from the Mayor’s office proclaiming June 25, 2009 Carla Lewis day.

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