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Jim McKelvey seeks legal council over Perriello mailers

Jim McKelvey

Jim McKelvey who lost the Republican primary for the 5th district to Robert Hurt formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) named “Take Our Country Back.”

In a June e-mail McKelvey said that he would be making no endorsements of any political candidate in the Commonwealth. He would only be using the PAC to evaluate candidates that “adhere to the principles and values that are the original foundations of our constitution, and that are generally accepted by true conservatives across the country.”

<This sounds like an endorsement for Robert Hurt to me>

STATEMENT OF Jim McKelvey (excerpts):

I am quite frankly appalled at Tom Perriello’s recent desperate attempts to split the Republican Party, and his vain attempt to get conservatives in the 5th District not to vote for Robert Hurt. Unlike what Tom Perriello would like us to believe in both his goofy mailers and ridiculous television ads, Jeff Clark is not the alternative, and Congressman Perriello is no conservative.

Robert Hurt and I may have had some differences in the past, but we are both focused on the same goal for our country’s future.

In the latest mailers from the Democrat Party of Virginia that I and other conservatives have gotten in our mailboxes in recent days,

Tom Perriello uses my name (and a prior press release of mine) as the “factual” basis to falsely state that Robert would do away with 400 teacher jobs, cut funds for college scholarships, increase personal property taxes, allow unsafe products to come into our country from overseas, or somehow send jobs overseas to China. This is a blatant lie on Perriello’s part.  The only candidate who possesses the honesty, character and integrity to lead us as our next congressman is Robert Hurt.

Because of Mr. Perriello’s repeated falsehoods, and misuse of my name as “justification” to assert them, I am consulting with legal counsel, and I am seriously considering making a formal complaint against Mr. Perriello for his distortions and potential violations of Federal Election Laws to the Federal Election Commission.

 Jim McKelvey then attacks Independent candidate Jeff Clark:

And quite frankly, Congressman Perriello is making every effort to pull the wool over our eyes by trying to convince people Clark is a serious candidate really working to win a congressional seat. That is just not true. Clark has said from the beginning that he would rather have Perriello in office for two more years than Hurt. What disturbs me the most is the fact that Jeff Clark is allowing himself to be used as a pawn for the liberal left, and has done nothing to refute Tom Perriello’s efforts on his behalf. Mr. Clark, that’s not being a true conservative, to allow yourself to be used in such a way.

@VotePerriello: 7:08 pm Stop 20: debate at #UVa with indy candidate Jeff Clark. #24HoursOfTom

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