Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jody Wagner Attends Wine and Cheese Event in Roanoke

Jody Wagner, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia attended and spoke at the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women’s yearly Wine and Cheese event held at the Ramada Inn Thursday evening. Wagner faces John Bowerbank and Mike Signer in the June 9th primary. Wagner articulated her stance on education, Jobs, the economy, healthcare, fiscal responsibility, and transportation. On transportation she would like to see high speed passenger rail from Virginia Beach to Blacksburg. Jody Wagner’s website is HERE.

The Wine and Cheese event is a must attend for Democratic candidates. Democratic Sheriff candidates Joe Bush and Frank Garrett were in attendance. Martin Jeffrey in a primary for the 11th House of Delegates seat against incumbent Democrat Onzlee Ware spoke to a crowd of 100. Gwen Mason Democratic nominee for the 17th introduced Jody Wagner. Pat Patterson the sole Democrat who is opposing incumbent Republican Mike Altizer was also there. Even Mayor Bowers showed up and took a turn singing at the microphone with Roy Bedwell on the electric guitar. Several attendees took turns taking “arrows” out of Mayor Bowers back.

It was good to see Councilman David Trinkle standing with Mayor Bowers both  laughing and enjoying themselves. Besides Gwen Mason the only other Council member attending was Court Rosen.

A Terry McAuliffe campaign representative came in and grabbed the microphone saying he just received a blackberry message that former President Bill Clinton would be arriving at closer to 1:00 PM rather than the time that was on the press release (12:15 PM). He will be at the No. 1 Fire Station on Church Avenue Monday.

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