Friday, May 8, 2009

Jody Wagner Releases Plan for Energy and the Environment


RICHMOND – Today former Treasurer and Secretary of Finance Jody Wagner unveiled a comprehensive five-point plan to make the Commonwealth a leader in renewable energy production and energy efficiency.  Wagner is running for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia. The detailed plan is the third released by Wagner, following her Economic Agenda and Education Plan, which focused on creating new jobs, growing the economy, and improving Virginia’s system of public education.

Download the plan here:

Said Wagner: “As Virginia moves into the new economy, it is critical that it becomes a leader in the research, development, and production of renewable energy, while implementing a rigorous plan to become more energy efficient.  The growing renewable energy industry provides the chance to wean our Commonwealth, and our country, off of non-domestic sources of energy, as well as driving job creation and economic growth.  By becoming more energy efficient, we’ll save Virginians millions on energy bills, as well as meeting our obligation to future generations to ensure that we preserve Virginia’s great beauty and natural resources.  This plan presents comprehensive steps to meet those goals, so we can follow Governor Kaine’s lead in positioning Virginia for the future.”

Wagner’s plan would achieve her goals of improving energy efficiency, making Virginia a leader in renewable energy, and conserving the environment by focusing on five key proposals:

1.      Establish Virginia as a global leader in renewable energy research, development and production, utilizing a mix of business and development incentives, public-private partnerships, and educational advancements;

2.  Continue to implement Governor Kaine’s innovative Renew Virginia initiative;

3.    Focus research and development at Virginia’s colleges and universities on renewable energy;

4.    Provide incentives for green technology, so Virginians will have the means to become users and producers of renewable sources of energy in their homes and at their work;

5.     Provide Virginians with public education about energy efficiency and conservation, to ensure each Commonwealth resident has the knowledge to make informed decisions about his or her energy consumption.  Wagner would also create a “Conservation Corps,” a public-private partnership that will train high school and college students in methods of energy efficiency and conservation, who will then serve as educators of energy efficiency techniques in communities throughout the Commonwealth.

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