Friday, July 10, 2009

Jody Wagner Says Bolling Just Waking Up to Virginia’s Economic Potential

Wagner talks to voters.

Wagner talks to voters.

“It’s the governors job to be the chief job creator,” said Jody Wagner Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Wagner was in downtown Roanoke’s Market Square Friday afternoon. Delegate Onzlee Ware and Council member Rupert Cutler accompanied Wagner around the Market.

A corporation looking to locate in a business-friendly state like Virginia wants to talk to the governor not just the lieutenant governor. “It’s not a job you can outsource to the lieutenant governor,” said Wagner.

Republican candidate for governor, Bob McDonnell and Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling in a press conference call Thursday chided Governor Tim Kaine for not using $11 million of the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to attract more business to the Commonwealth. To that Wagner said, “that is ridiculous.” 

 Explaining that the $11 million was for the full fiscal year 2010 which just started July 1st. If the balance was zero then we’d have something to worry about, said Wagner. Another point she made clear was that funds are reserved for companies that have committed to come to Virginia. “Until they perform we don’t release the money,” said Wagner. The Republican controlled House of Delegates has been stingy with funding. Governor Kaine asked for $21 million for the Opportunity Fund and only received $15 million. This year Governor Kaine went back to the General Assembly and got $3.5 million more. “I’m glad to see that Bolling and McDonnell have finally woken up and are suddenly aware that we need a Governor’s Opportunity Fund,” said Wagner.
Wagner & Ware at Burger in the Square

Wagner & Ware at Burger in the Square


Transportation is a critical component of the state’s economic development potential. “We’ve been working on this for seven years and Bill Bolling’s been vacant,” said Wagner. Bolling has not been a leader on this issue of solving the transportation issue – “now he expects us to believe he is going to change.”

The things that make Virginia good for business are fiscal management and education – “Those are things he [Bolling] has fought against,” said Wagner.

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