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July 4 Tea Party event planned – McKelvey forms PAC

July 4, 2009 Tea Party in Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park will host another Roanoke Tea Party event on July 4.

“The past year has seen a divisive and deeply partisan political environment develop across the US, and in our beloved Roanoke Valley. When issues are large and differences great, such passions can’t help but be inflamed,” said the press release sent Wednesday.

This July 4 Tea Party event is dubbed a non-partisan family event. Party affiliations aside attendees can just  associate with “a joyful accounting of why we love being Americans.” There will be activties for children, teens and adults and “good old-fashioned, all-American food.”

However for those interested in discussing more serious issues there will be a series of panels seated away from the main stage.


Jim McKelvey who lost the Republican primary for the 5th district to Robert Hurt is forming a Political Action Committee (PAC) named “Take Our Country Back.”

In an e-mail McKelvey said, “the political system has become  unfriendly and unresponsive to the needs of normal everyday Americans. That is why I have formed my Political Action Committee.”

McKelvey will be making no endorsements of any political candidate in the Commonwealth. He will use the PAC to evaluate candidates that “adhere to the principles and values that are the original foundations of our constitution, and that are generally accepted by true conservatives across the country.”

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