Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 18th City Council Meeting

The City Council Meeting last night yielded at a minimum exposure for us. We are getting attention. I know it does not seem like we make any progress but we do. EVERYTHING we do is exposure. As we who worked Juneteenth learned our issue is still not understood or known at all by some people.

We wholeheartedly support the name change to Roy Stanley Memorial Golf Course. The questions regarding the status of the property, the airport land swap, the lease of the Runway Protection Zone for the 9 holes of golf were directed to the City Manager to answer. The last answers I received after speaking to City Council were very “cryptic” so I am expecting the usual – a lot of words that give no answer at all. Councilman Lea’s proposal for Roy Stanley Memorial Golf Course name was on Channel 7. Channel 10 interviewed me but I think it was for future story. Both channels are very interested in what happened

Thanks to all who attended wearing T-Shirts. I know some of you rushed in last minute and your efforts did not go unnoticed. I thank you VERY much. This is the best idea for advertising we have done to this point. WEAR THEM EVERYWHERE. People come up to you and ask what is going on because they don’t know. I am going to the Wine Festival at Hotel Roanoke Saturday and wear my shirt and take the petition. Anyone wanting to join me for a “nip” please call me.

At the Council Meeting last night we noticed before it began, Councilman Dowe whispered to Ms. Burcham signaling toward Joyce Graham the developer of Colonial Green then to me. I knew something was up though as some of you received Dowe’s response he denied it. Poor unsuspecting Joyce Graham and the Progressive builder were called upon to give an update on Colonial Green. It backfired when the builder said “we have only sold 8 units” – this is in two years time. By the way on GIS I tracked one purchaser and found he is a member of the Progressive builder’s team.

At an open house I attended at Colonial Green some time back this builder took me around the models. I remarked how close together the units were and he told me that the City wanted it this way though he did get some concession in the number of units on the property. His preference would have been fewer units. Then again the City sold the land for only $35.

Joyce Graham was the other bidder on the Countryside property at the same time Toll Brothers submitted their Request for Qualifications. They denied Ms. Graham in favor of Toll Brother which turned out to be a poor decision. Roanoke City should not be in the Real Estate business with our tax money.

Everyone keep working on those petitions. We need everyone’s efforts!

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