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Keith L. Wheaton withdraws – four other candidates file by today’s deadline

Keith L. Wheaton

Keith L. Wheaton

UPDATE: Sun., Dec. 2 – Keith Wheaton endorses Patricia White-Boyd for the Democratic nomination in the 11th HOD. This is following his withdrawal from the race on November 27. (See Wheaton’s press release on his endorsement below.) 

UPDATE: Nov. 27, 5:15 p.m. – Citing increased business and family responsibilities Keith L. Wheaton did not file by today’s 5:00 p.m. deadline for the Virginia House of Delegates 11th district Democratic firehouse primary scheduled for Dec. 7. The other four candidates filed Sunday – Sam Rasoul Dave Trinkle for DelegatePatricia White-Boyd and Court Rosen for Delegate

Saturday, November 16:  In a statement this afternoon Keith L. Wheaton entered the contest for the Democratic nomination for the special election to be held to replace retiring Delegate Onzlee Ware (D-11). The total running for what is expected to be a firehouse primary or caucus (yet to be determined) comes to five. Jeff Artis has removed himself from contention. Councilman David Trinkle, Vice Mayor Court Rosen, Sam Rasoul and Trish White-Boyd are the other four contenders. Each have the backing of key Democratic officials and operatives.

Sheriff Octavia Johnson is the only Republican so far to have announced her intentions to seek the Republican nomination.

Keith Weaton’s press release:

It is with sincerity and an humble spirit that I announce my candidacy for the vacated 11th District House of Delegates seat.

As a native of Roanoke, who attended Round Hill Elementary, Lucy Addison Jr. High and William Fleming High School, it would be a privilege to represent the citizens of the 11th District.  Having grown up and lived in Roanoke for many years, I have come to know the citizens and neighborhoods well.  My parents, being community minded, instilled in me the sense of obligation to my church, my neighborhood and my fellow citizens to do the best that I can to assist those in marginalized communities as my abilities allow,  and to work for the greater good of all people. I continue to reside not far from where I grew up and constantly keep my ears and eyes open to the issues affecting those who may not have a voice.

My community service within my church, the NAACP and various Roanoke City boards/commissions has allowed me to interact with a variety of residents from the 11th District, hear their concerns, negotiate solutions and act upon them. As the owner of JBT Media Holdings, Inc./Wheaton Consulting, I understand the struggles of small businesses in this very challenging economy, and will work to afford small business owners greater access to capital and tax relief. My love for politics has shown me that active involvement with the political system can change things.  I view political participation as a right and a privilege that I do not take lightly.  I challenge my fellow citizens to become involved in the political process, attend meetings, meet candidates, express your concerns to elected officials and of course VOTE.

I look forward to a spirited debate of the issues of concern to Virginians in the 11th District, which include, but are not limited to, access to affordable healthcare, Medicaid expansion, equality in education, equal access to the justice system, economic empowerment, access to fresh and healthy food, and affordable housing.  I thank the citizens of the 11th District for their consideration in giving me the opportunity to serve, and pledge, if I’m elected to the House, to never forget your concerns, reach across party lines and put politics aside for the good of the public.

Keith Wheaton endorses Patrician White-Boyd Dec. 2:

I would like to take this opportunity to formally endorse Trish White-Boyd for the 11th District House of Delegates seat which is to be vacated by the retiring Onzlee Ware.

            I believe that Trish has the competency and ability to handle the rigors of the House of Delegates and will work hard for all of the citizens of the 11th District to make sure that their needs are met and issues addressed.  As a resident of Northwest Roanoke, Trish knows the hearts and minds of those who are at times underrepresented and voiceless.  The need for adequate transportation, fair housing, equal educational opportunity, economic opportunity, Medicaid expansion and fair access to healthcare are indicative of the issues that Trish will take to Richmond if elected.  These are issues that we all must support, no matter what section of the 11th District we may reside in.

            Trish also has a close connection with Gov. Elect Terry McAuliffe, and with her advocacy for Democratic causes in this area, she has become well connected to our local political and community leaders.  As a business owner Trish understands the struggles that businesses face daily and will strive to protect those representing the core of our local, state and national economies. All of this, as well as Trish’s enthusiasm and ability to work with all people, will serve her well in Richmond as the Legislature tackles some of the toughest issues of the day.

            It is my hope that my supporters, friends and family, as well as fellow citizens of the 11th District will join me in endorsing Trish White-Boyd for the House of Delegates and get out and vote in the December 7 Democratic Primary.

Dave Trinkle to announce for Onzlee Ware’s 11th district HOD seat

Dave Trinkle receives endorsements for HOD Democratic nomination

Octavia Johnson announces her candidacy for the 11th district HOD

Trish White-Boyd vies for the 11th district HOD Democratic nomination

Sam Rasoul to run for Delegate Onzlee Ware’s seat in special election

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[…] Keith L. Wheaton enters the Democratic contest for 11th HOD seat […]

[…] Keith L. Wheaton withdraws – four other candidates file by today's deadline […]

[…] Keith L. Wheaton withdraws – four other candidates file by today’s deadline […]

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