Friday, December 13, 2013

Kimble Reynolds, Jr. withdraws from 11th district House of Delegates race

Kimble Reynolds, Jr.

Kimble Reynolds, Jr.

Just two days after 47 year-old attorney Kimble Reynolds, Jr. with a law firm in Martinsville filed to be an independent candidate for the 11th district House of Delegates today he withdrew.

He owns a home in Roanoke City that on city GIS records shows the owners address in Martinsville. Wednesday Reynolds just made the filing deadline. He explained to the Democratic nominee Sam Rasoul that he could see that Rasoul’s focus was also on education and was satisfied that he would represent Roanoke well in the General Assembly.

Reynolds said he is endorsing Rasoul for delegate.

“I was uncertain as to whether or not there was a candidate that would be that strong advocate for education,” Reynolds said in a news release. “I wanted to bring my skills and experience to help to that end. After learning more about Sam Rasoul and speaking with him about the sincerity of his commitment to education, I believe Roanoke has that strong candidate. He and I are meeting in the upcoming days to discuss education and other issues confronting our region.”

Tom Perriello ‏@tomperriello1h Kimble Reynolds – a great man and champion for Southside – backs Sam Rasoul in delegate race for VA-11. …

Rasoul in a phone call confirmed his main focus was on education as he has stressed in primary mailings and at the primary candidate forum. “I will be an enthusiastic fighter for our fair share of educational funding.”

The special election is January 7 and Rasoul will face Republican Sheriff Octavia Johnson.

Veil pulled back on independent’s entry into the 11th HOD special election

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