Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kissito Healthcare can’t wait for city’s process

City at a snail's pace

Not that there is any surprise in this. The $400,000 plus annual payment on the loan continues as other city services suffer. The loan payment was the determining factor in closing the Countryside golf course along with the $1.2 million in repairs it needed.

 Now the city will invest $1.5 million to spruce up part of what was once a lush green golf course kept up by lease with Meadowbrook, Inc. What we have here is a dysfunctional set of taxpayer priorities. The city is doing minimal mowing. To date there has been zero mowing as weeds grow and the golf cart paths break up from root and weeds. These are the paths the city claims we will use as walking trails. Pardon me but not for long as they crumble.

Since not one developer came to the open house specifically set up for them the city has a long wait on their hands. In 10 years they will have paid $6 million for the property with interest. To recoup that alone (not counting the services the city seems to forget more development requires) in tax base will not be in any Roanoke taxpayers life time if ever. The six year anniversary is May 3. May 3, 2005 the city took the option to purchase the golf course.


LETTER FROM KISSITO HEALTHCARE April 24: We want to thank-you again for your support and guidance in utilizing the Countryside Golf Course land for the benefit of our communities Elders. After our meeting with the City Council, everyone was very willing to sit down and discuss the potential for utilizing Countryside for this purpose. Unfortunately, despite support from the City, the process for selling specific parcels for development will take at least one year before groundbreaking might occur. This is because as government owned land it must be sold through competitive bidding and then be rezoned. All of this by statute would be difficult to accelerate.  

 We are firmly committed to making PACE the preferred choice of our Elders over institutional nursing home care. Ultimately, we see the need for multiple PACE sites and Elder housing communities. Because of the time constraints at Countryside we must pursue an additional site so that we can meet the time requirements to open on July 1, 2012. We will however continue to pursue Countryside as our second site. Just as the Roanoke Valley has many nursing homes we envision a future of Elders living at home or in an Elder community supported by multiple PACE centers. 

We will keep you posted and look forward to being good neighbors! Tom

Thomas M. Clarke
President & CEO

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