Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kissito Healthcare, Inc. negotiating for Villa Heights Recreation Center


Photo by Captain Willie Wines Jr.

Kissito Healthcare, Inc. purchased Hawthorne Towers in Roanoke County for $1.2 million. There are 144 units in need of repair. Only about 60 of the units are occupied he said. To avoid a conflict of interest Trinkle abstained from the council vote to approve the $12 million of bonds issued by the  Economic Development Authority to renovate the Towers.

Kissito CEO Tom Clarke is negotiating with the city for another Roanoke location. The Villa Heights Recreation Center that is on the historical antebellum endangered list would add 76 additional units for the elderly he said. Villa heights was damaged by fire 2 years ago and needs extensive renovation.  A creditable source with firsthand knowledge said Kissito has asked to use the city’s fire insurance money to partly offset the renovation. If negotiations are successful in addition to the 76 units the facility will offer usage for the community and form connections with city schools.

This is the only proposal or inquiry the city has received since it has been on the market. Chris Chittum, Director of Planning and Building Development wouldn’t comment on the subject of the negotiation but did say that its historical significance “underscores the need to do something with it.” Trinkle abstained from the closed session meeting on the project due to his business dealings with Kissito.

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