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Roanoke City Econonomic Development Advised of Conditions at Countryside Golf Course 20 Months Ago


 January 16, 2008To Mr. Brian K. Brown, Roanoke City Economic Development Administrator

Dear Mr. Brown:
This letter is in response to your correspondence, dated January 4, 2008; regarding the current conditions at Countryside Golf Course. First, as you mentioned, it is winter and with the frequent freezing conditions realized this time of year in the Roanoke area, it does make it difficult to maintain conditions at a high level. However, you did make several very valid points that I want to address.
Limbs Down/Traps Not Raked – We have experienced several windy days, one in particular that was caused some tree damage on the course. Countryside Golf Course is operating on a very limited staff this time of year and has done what could be to clean the limbs up and also cut down one large tree that was lost in the storm. This is an ongoing project that we will stay on top of.
The traps are raked frequently when conditions allow. If they are frozen, it doesn’t do any good to use the sand pro since this process only creates more damage to the bunker edges when they enter and exit the traps. These conditions will improve significantly as weather gets better.
Fairways/Tees – Before I address your concerns regarding the fairways and tees, I wanted you to know that back in the fall, we did a full aerification of the greens at a cost of approximately $12,000. This process is again budgeted and will be completed in the spring and will include a heavy top dressing. The anticipated costs for the complete project is $18,000. With that being said, the greens will be in the best conditions they have been in for some time going into the 2008 season and throughout the year.
As you are aware, Roanoke experienced a drought in 2007. The drought, coupled with the antiquated irrigation system took a toll on fairway and tee turf conditions. You are correct that we are very limited in the scope of any improvement we can do because of this. Implementing a new grass program would be impossible to grow-in and maintain without a properly functioning system. We would consider budgeting funds for reseeding of all fairways and tees if the system does get updated. The estimated cost to repair the irrigation system, maintain it in a consistent working condition and ensure a continuance life span is approximately $100,000. This amount would include the labor needed to do the repairs, all of the parts and also anticipated upgrades to the pump station. If this work is completed, coupled with a grassing plan, the conditions of the fairways and tees will be the same as the greens and produce a great, overall experience for the golfers visiting Countryside Golf Course.  


Cart Paths – The cart paths are obviously in very poor and bad condition. There are approximately 6,000 linear feet that need to be replaced. I do not recommend replacing the cart paths with gravel. Doing so will cause more problems than leaving them in their current condition. With that said, we have two choices to consider:

  • Option 1: Replace the damaged cart paths with asphalt at a cost of $20 to $25, per linear foot. This would include a base material which is needed in most locations to ensure quality and longevity.
  • Option 2: Eliminate the cart paths that are in the worst condition and replace with grass. This would have a cost of approximately $25,000 to haul away the existing and re-grass.


Mr. Brown, I would like to set a time to meet with you at the course to discuss these issues and resolutions. Please let me know what possible date/times you may be available so that I can coordinate my travel/schedule.


Scott Beasley,
Vice President of Operations
Cc: Darlene Burcham, City Manager
Steve Gano, VP of Operations, IGM
Tyler Minamyer, Regional Manager, IGM
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January 25th, 2008 at 11:43 PM    

I’m quite sure that city residents will eventually be able to “share” the County’s multi-generational recreation facility when and IF it gets built.

As it stands now, if the center is built, county residents will be allowed to use it on a fee basis, much like a person would pay for a YMCA or Gold’s Gym membership. No decision has been made by the County Board of Supervisors as to whether or not they will allow use of the facility by residents from other jurisdictions.

There is some doubt that the facility will be built. Taxpayers are finally beginning to question the $30+ million cost and two supervisors are on the record opposing the project.

it’s really all about a vision.


January 29th, 2008 at 3:41 PM    

I’m sure the county wants city residents’ money. In fact, based on where it is located, I’d bet more city residents end up using the rec center than county.

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