Friday, September 30, 2011

Letter to the Editor: Hire professional security officers

Executive Security Concepts

I enjoyed the article [Gun toting at Roanoke City Council The Roanoke Star-Sentinel Sept. 23] about Mr. Stevenson. There are two major points that I took from the article that hit close to home for me.

First, I am a staunch second amendment proponent, but also a strong advocate for law enforcement. I am not a sworn law enforcement officer but I have worked with many law enforcement officers from many jurisdictions during 113 bail recovery captures from 2004-2006. LE officers have a dangerous and sometimes unappreciated job. They never know when a routine traffic stop can go bad. I have made it a point on the few occasions over the years when I have been pulled over to immediately announce to approaching officers that I am carrying a concealed weapon and that I have a ccw permit. I have always been treated with respect by officers after making this announcement.

Second, As a security company owner who has provided all levels of security from unarmed security officers to protecting diplomats, corporate officers from fortune 100 companies and heads of state, the comment Mr Stevenson made about the incompetence of the security agents did not surprise me. Over the past 5 years I have tried to change the private security industry, at least in Roanoke, from providing low paid, poorly trained security guards to providing better trained, better paid professional security officers. It has been difficult as most people hiring security only look at the bottom line when hiring a security company. Luckily, I have convinced enough clients of the need for billing a higher rate for their security needs.

In closing, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to “just vent” with this letter. I appreciate The Roanoke Star Sentinel as a great alternative to our very liberal Roanoke Times.

Chris Ragone
Executive Security Concepts

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