Thursday, June 5, 2014

Libertarian Robert Sarvis says Ed Gillespie endorses Libertarian Congressional Candidates

Robert_SarvisRobert Sarvis, Libertarian candidate for Virginia U.S. Senate sent an eye-catching blast that said Ed Gillespie, the likely Republican nominee for U.S. Senate is endorsing Libertarian candidates for Congress.

He says that Gillespie “implicitly, but strongly, endorsed the Libertarian Party of Virginia’s FULL SLATE of candidates for Congress!”

Sarvis went on to clarify that Gillespie’s attacks on Democrat incumbent Mark Warner on the national debt of $17 trillion was an “indictment of BOTH Democrats AND Republicans including Gillespie himself.”

That Sarvis concluded was “an unmistakable endorsement of Libertarians.”

He took a heavy hand attacking both major Parties.

Just as the debt has exploded during Democrat Mark Warner’s term in the Senate,” he said, “so too has it ballooned during the terms of Virginia’s eight Republican members of the House of Representatives. And so too did it balloon when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency.”

He further swiped Republicans Gillespie, a close advisor to Bush II, and Eric Cantor for their lack of concern for the ballooning $10 trillion debt under their watch.

“If Mark Warner shares responsibility for $6.8 trillion in debt over the last six years, then Eric Cantor shares responsibility for $11.1 trillion in debt over his fourteen years in office,” Sarvis said.

Libertarian James Carr is running in Virginia’s 7th District, Cantor’s home district. Bill Redpath, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia is a candidate for Congress in the 10th District.

Redpath noted the rich irony of a Bush/Romney acolyte decrying budgetary incontinence. “Do Republicans think the past didn’t actually happen, or just that no one remembers it?”

“What good will it do to send yet another Republican or Democrat back to the Senate?” Sarvis asks.

Sarvis says that Libertarian candidates are challengers in all of Virginia’s eleven Congressional districts.

Sarvis’s sarcasm and headline was genius as press releases go.

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