Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long Lines at Ruffner Middle School – Video

At 6:00 AM the line snaked around the dead end at the Marriott. The first in line arrived at 4:30 AM. Parking was scare as people resorted to Home Depot and Shewels. Rev. Carl Tinsley, Chairman of the Electoral Board opened the door and greeted the first in line. The machines were at times not working properly which held up the voting process. Remarks in line were “if you can file your taxes online then you should be able to vote online.” There were 4 lines by alphabet to check in and get your voting slip. They ran out of voting slips quickly and just gave blank white pieces of paper saying “voting slip.” Remarks were made that this was not secure as anyone could write on a piece of paper without checking in and vote. The machine if “Presidential” was selected only gave you the option to vote for President. The other option which seemed to be confusing was “Federal” which gave you in addition to President the option to vote for Senate and Congress candidates.

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