Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look for the prize patrol and get set to recycle and win

A recycling awards program with Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Operations LLC can win a Roanoke City resident a $50 gift card from Kroger’s starting in October. A sticker will be mailed to residents to affix to their recycle bins if they want to participate. It is not mandatory.

The city hopes to increase the 38 percent recycling rate and save on tipping fees. The plan is to entice more people to recycle and recycle correctly. “One day the city will break even,” said solid waste manager, Skip Decker.

On the scheduled day of pick-up the “Recycle and Win” prize patrol will check participating bins for accurate placement of recyclable material. Bin contamination will result in disqualification. Roanoke is the first city in Virginia to enact the program. It has been successful in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.

Each city quadrant will be patrolled equally.

Decker also had good news for those recycling plastic containers. All plastic with numbers one through seven can now be placed in bins. No more eyestrain searching for a number on the container. Even Styrofoam cups are recyclable – be sure to check for the number six on the cup.

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Jack Mcguire

August 2nd, 2011 at 9:11 AM    

I am not going through all that baloney to recycle. And $50 is hardly going to encourage me to do so. I just wish that Skip would quit calling me a liar everytime his crews miss my can. Which is quite often.

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