Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lt. Gov. Bolling says Morgan Griffith needs money

Dear friend, <Oh really? Bolling dismissed me as a friend on facebook>

This is it! This is what we have all been working for. Election Day is just around the corner.

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs placed around the Commonwealth stating that “November is coming.” Indeed it is… it’s nearly here….and we have an amazing opportunity to elect a proven conservative leader, Morgan Griffith, to Congress in Virginia’s 9th District.

Morgan has given Rick Boucher his toughest challenge in 20 years. Boucher wouldn’t be flooding the airwaves with negative attack ads if he wasn’t scared. He is spending hundreds of thousands of special interest dollars in a desperate attempt to hold onto his seat in Congress.

This is where you come in. Morgan is unable to compete with the $1 million dollars Rick Boucher has received in special interest money. The polls are showing this race is neck and neck — and Morgan needs another $52,000 to keep his ads on TV.

Will you help by contributing $100, $50, $25, $10 or $5 today to my friend, Morgan Griffith’s, campaign?

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