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Lt. Gov. candidate E.W. Jackson at Roanoke meet and greet

E. W. Jackson Republican candidate

E. W. Jackson Republican candidate for Virginia Lt. Gov. at Froth in the Forum

At a meet and greet early this morning at Froth (Coffee and Tea) located in the Forum on Starkey Road about 35 people gathered to listen to the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, E. W. Jackson. His fiery speaking style did not disappoint and held even the unaware Froth customers captive as he spoke for over 10 minutes.

The lies and myths by liberal media is wrong in its portrayal of Republicans as hating the poor and minorities he said. “We’re going to begin to see people with us who some thought they’d never be with us because they found out that we care about them as individuals and the principles that we hold dear and make life better for every single Virginian.”

Jackson told supporters to not to worry about Northern Virginia – “We know that a lot of people in Northern Virginia just came to Virginia yesterday” he said to chuckles from the gathering. Much of Northern Virginia is considered a suburb of Washington, DC that is predominantly Democratic. He was sure that there were people in NOVA who held Republican values.

He claimed that media took a lot of what he said out of context shortly after his nomination. Jackson said he will not apologize for anything he has said, “When I tell the truth – I don’t back down – I don’t backup.” People are looking for the truth explained Jackson.

“When you empower government to keep taxing and regulating you end up in an authoritarian, totalitarian culture.” He said, “we are the people who are trying to set folks free – they’re the people who are trying to put people in a kind of pseudo slavery.”

E. W. Jackson Republican candidate

E. W. Jackson

Jackson objected to President Obama’s request to Congress for $225 million to UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Aid was cut off when the Palestinian Authority was admitted to the UN. The objection is seen as honoring the Cuban executioner Ernesto Guevara who died in Argentina in 1967.  UNESCO is including “The Life and Works of Ernesto Che Guevara” in this year’s additions to the Memory of the World Register.

“I’ve got a better deal for them,” said Jackson. “Let’s send them Barack Obama” followed by cheers from supporters.

Jackson wants to get the government (EPA and DEQ) out of the coal business and out of the farms so “the farmers can do their farming as they see fit … it’s none of their business.” The 10th amendment gives that right he said. “This is the time” to stand up.

Later I was able to ask Mr. Jackson about his school choice education proposal. Parents need to be empowered with choice for their children he said. He said his Democratic opponent who he didn’t mention by name (Sen. Ralph Northam) sent his child to private school and other children don’t have that option. Jackson proposes a constitutional amendment to allow it.

When asked about how financing would work to accomplish that he said, “I don’t know what the funding mechanism would be.” That would have to be thought through – It could be a direct transfer to schools similar to the way the GI Bill works said Jackson. “We need competition in education.”

E.W. Jackson speech

Supporters captivated by fiery E.W. Jackson speech.

What Governor Bob McDonnell has done with tax breaks for businesses that give scholarships to underprivileged children so they can attend private school “is not enough” and it is hard to administer said Jackson.

Jackson quoted that $11,000 is being spent per pupil on education in Virginia and parents could find a quality education for their children at less cost. According to PolitiFact Virginia in the 2008 school year, Virginia spent an average of $5,003 per student. It has dropped $229 to $4,774 per student for this school year. Adjusted for inflation, the decrease is about 12.2 percent.

He was reluctant to talk about social issues like the “personhood” bill. Jackson would have the power to let it through in the evenly divided senate. He did say though it would depend on the specific wording of the bill but “yes as a general principle – if legislation comes before me and I have to break a tie I’m going to always vote where I believe this advances the cause of life.”

Jackson said his campaign is focused on the economy, getting the energy out of the ground, advancing manufacturing and innovative ways to help businesses to expand and grow.

He wasn’t too keen on the governor’s transportation bill and said he advocates for a more free market approach without taxing Virginians more. The Dulles railway is a financial burden on taxpayers but he doesn’t plan to undue what’s already been done he said.

E.W. Jackson with Delegate Chris Head

E.W. Jackson with Delegate Chris Head

When asked about passenger rail he said, “These rail schemes – while they certainly sound great very often the passenger involvement is not there and we have a long term financial commitment that falls on the back of every taxpayer.” He said he was “skeptical about anything that puts a burden on the taxpayers and doesn’t pay for itself.”

He said one solution in NOVA is “Slugging.” A unique form of commuting found in the Washington, DC area that is sometimes referred to as “Instant Carpooling” or “Casual Carpooling”. It brings to mind Ride Solutions in Southwest Virginia that provides commuters with  regional carpool options.

Another solution Jackson  mentioned was to allow developers to build over top of freeways and pay the real estate taxes that then equates to the cost of the freeway underneath or at least offset the cost.

There are lots of ideas out there he said, “but we always tend to go back to one way and get more money from the taxpayer and have government subsidize something … we’ve just got to look at ways that enhance people’s freedom.

We are so heavily regulated now that people can’t advance free market ideas that help solve problems from the bottom up. We’re always dictated to from the top down.”

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Thom Ryder

July 29th, 2013 at 5:09 PM    

I am disappointed to see delegate Head standing with Mr. Jackson. That says a lot.

Jeff Artis

July 29th, 2013 at 5:27 PM    

We need one thing in education and that is for the politicians who don’t know Jack about educating kids to get out of the way and let us teach. You wouldn’t let a plumber perform brain surgery would you? Why are politicians trying to run education?


July 29th, 2013 at 5:54 PM    

You are exactly right Jeff.
That’s why EW wants Parents, NOT POLITICIANS, to decide where their children go to school. Im glad you agree with us on that.
Best Wishes!

Valerie Garner

July 29th, 2013 at 7:48 PM    

According to Greg Aldridge in an email the “State Constitution requires that school funds at all levels go only to government schools. The amendment would strike that clause end that prohibition. Government at all levels could then constitutionally pass parental choice legislation and recognize the parents right to choose and the money could follow.”

E.W. Jackson was adding federal and local funding to come to the $11,000 per pupil in Virginia per Greg Aldridge.


July 30th, 2013 at 6:58 AM    

Valerie, the school budget in Botetourt County where I live is approximately $52 million a year made up of state, local and a little bit of federal funding. There are about 5000 students in the public school system. Those numbers hold true across the state (with some areas even more that $11000 a year as local taxes play a huge role in school funding. The money is not the main issue with school funding, it is giving parents the choice on how their children are educated.

Darya Zandi

July 31st, 2013 at 12:52 AM    

E.W. Jackson is exactly right. Parents should have the say in what’s good for their children. Jackson’s ideas are fresh and new–not the same old tried & failed proposals.


August 5th, 2013 at 1:56 PM    

Our math SOL scores in Montgomery County were pathetic last year after more rigorous testing was instituted.

What is our school board talking about? Social justice and protections for “gender identity.”

Enough said. E.W. Jackson is right. Parents should be in charge of where their kids are educated. The education bureaucracy has agendas other than education which they’re pushing.

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