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Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Bill Cleaveland co-host jobs roundtable

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling & Bill Cleaveland Candidate

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling & Bill Cleaveland Candidate 17th District

ADMMicro CEO, Don Howell took business leaders and officials on a tour of the facility located on Frontage Road The company occupies about 20% of the former Johnson & Johnson building and has 50 employees. 

ADMMicro represents an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that will bring  jobs to Virginia explained Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who is running for reelection. The company is in the coveted energy saving nitche supplying energy saving controllers and thermostats to government and industry. Bolling wants to see Virginia lead in “energy creation” with traditional nuclear in combination with offshore gas and oil drilling.

Sen. Ralph Smith & CEO Don Howell

Sen. Ralph Smith & CEO Don Howell

Bob McDonnell, Republican candidate for governor if elected will name Bolling the first Lt. Governor to serve as “chief job creation officer.” Bolling’s Democratic opponent is Jody Wagner who served as treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Bill Cleaveland, Republican candidate for the 17th House of Delegates seat, said that “attracting and retaining jobs are both critical to providing for our families and for insuring economic development in our communities.”

Cleaveland called on government to “walk the talk” when it comes to promoting start up businesses and retaining businesses already here. He stated, “Government must do its part to encourage and attract businesses and then, get out of the way and let the entrepreneurs do what they do best—create jobs!” Cleaveland is opposing Democrat Gwen Mason for retiring Delegate William Fralin’s House seat.

In a roundtable discussion, the candidates heard from Joyce Waugh, President of the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce voice concerns she is hearing in the business community. She hears business’ say they need skilled workers. “An educated workforce and a good transportation system are the underpinnings of economic development,” said  Waugh.

Cleaveland & Joyce Waugh

Cleaveland & Joyce Waugh

Bolling responded saying the state needing to spend its dollars more wisely. Bolling and McDonnell plan to divert dollars to the classroom and away from the bureaucracy of school’s central administration. He proposes moving 4% from administration to the classroom over a four year period. “We need to learn to do more with less,” said Bolling.  

On card check Bolling said that “it would destroy the country’s competitiveness” and along with the cap and trade regulation it will destroy the economy.

CEO Howell said ADMMicro approached state ABC and DMV stores about using their energy saving devices – though there was enthusiasm there was no funding. Howell wanted to know if there was a way to use federal stimulus money for state’s internal use.

Bolling replied that he liked the infrastructure building part of the stimulus package but the problem is “no body can get it.” He claimed that two-thirds of it has not been committed and 90% of it has not been spent. He hopes that the state will be able to use stimulus money for retrofitting state buildings with green technology.

Graham Leonard, corporate banker with BB&T brought up his concern over the employment of undocumented workers. Bolling said that the process for entering the country legally is “dysfunctional” and employers have a difficult time getting workers through the process legally. Bolling would like to see it streamlined though admitted it was a federal issue.

Model Energy Saving Controller

Model Energy Saving Controller

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Adam Boitnott

September 9th, 2009 at 11:48 AM    

Once again Bill talks about the issues and Gwen does not even have an issues button on her website or has yet to take a firm direction on anything.

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