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Lt. Governor Bill Bolling says to reject Cuccinelli’s extremism

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

In an insightful message seeking to garner support for the Republican nomination for governor, Virginia’s Lt. Governor Bill Bolling defined his winning approach to “conservatism” vs. his opponent AG Ken Cuccinelli’s “extremism.”

He shared his thoughts on the disappointment on the presidential and U.S. Senate Republican losses. Bolling said, “While the results of the recent elections are disappointing, they are also instructive, and as we look to the future we must learn the lessons these campaigns provide.”

Bolling said that Republicans need to do a “better job communicating our conservative values” and “convince them that Republicans have the right vision.”

Per Bolling: “The exit polls on the national campaign are illustrative of the challenge we face. In the recent elections we only received 46% of the independent vote, 43% of the female vote and 30% of the vote from unmarried females. Likewise, we only received 27% of the Hispanic vote and 25% of the Asian vote, which happen to be two of the fastest growing demographic groups in Virginia. And we only received 37% of the vote from younger voters, which was actually better than the 30% we received in 2008.”

Bolling astutely realizes that if the Republican Party is to have any chance of future relevance “we must do a better job reaching out to the changing face of Virginia, and to the more moderate and independent voters whose support we must have.” Conservative values must relate to issues voters care most about he said.

In his message Bolling admitted that the Democrats had done a better job of reaching independent voters like he and Bob McDonnell did in 2009. “If we want to win top of the ticket statewide political campaigns in Virginia we must nominate electable candidates.”

The lessons learned from past elections he said demonstrate that the need for a candidate “who can reach out to the moderate and independent voter …  I hope we will keep these lessons in mind.”

Bolling said, “I also have a record of working with Republicans and Democrats to get things done in state government. No one has a stronger conservative record than I have, but I have demonstrated the ability to take our conservative principles and philosophies and translate them into meaningful policies that have helped make Virginia a better place. This is the kind of results oriented conservative leadership we need to build a better Virginia.”

He said that he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in 2013 but if at the convention Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the nominee McAuliffe will defeat Ken Cuccinelli. “Bottom line – if Republicans want to win top of the ticket statewide campaigns in Virginia it all starts with nominating electable candidates.”

The key to winning in Virginia is to reach out to moderate and independent voter but what voters will reject extreme candidates that are solely ideological. “Candidates who thrive on conflict and confrontation … divisive issues … and who are polarizing in their approach to politics and policy.” A clear reference to Cuccinelli his rival for the nomination.

Bolling compared his record of getting things done, his leadership style and demeanor. He said he would energize the base while reaching out to moderates and independents to win. His message asked conservative Virginian’s to consider who “will give our party the best chance of winning in November. I have the experience to lead Virginia, a record of proven conservative results and the ability to win!”

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