Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Lunch Subsidy Increases from 63% to 68% – Startles Council

CORRECTED: By School Administration to be 68% and not 78%. Roanoke City Schools plans to subsidize the food service fund for the first time in fiscal year 2010 said Ann Shawver, Director of Finance. Councilman Court Rosen and Rupert Cutler were startled by the fact that students eligible for reduced lunch in Roanoke City would increase from 63% to 78%. [Corrected by school administration in joint meeting to be 68% and not 78%] Rosen said “this strikes me as a significant problem for us as a city trying to recruit to the area when 78% of the school children are on free and reduced lunch.” Councilman Dave Trinkle said, “it helps to get additional income … its not all bad.” Councilwoman Anita Price said her own children would have been eligible for reduced lunch on a teacher’s salary at one time. Shawver said she would “follow-up on” why the school system felt it needed to subsidize the federally funded school lunch program. 

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