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Mark Lucas’ past donation to Tea Party candidate

With all the speculation on why Republican Peter Via has given $75,000 to incumbent Democrat Mayor David Bowers it is only fair to look back on the donation history of his opponent. Either it has slipped by the daily newspaper or has been conveniently brushed under a rug.

Lucas has portrayed himself as somewhat of an Independent or a moderate Republican not afraid to raise taxes if necessary. So when someone pointed out that Lucas had donated to Roanoke Tea Party member, 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group member and Rush Limbaugh supporter Al Bedrosian it behooves any reporter to look it up. (From Bedrosian’s facebook page).

According to VPAP Lucas donated $500 in 1997 and in 1999 to Al Bedrosian. Lucas worked with him at Xerox along with his friend Delegate Chris Head. Bedrosian was in a contest with the 14th House of Delegates Democrat Dick Cranwell. Cranwell said Thursday that “Al was a tea partier before it had a name.”

Lucas when contacted about his donation and support of Bedrosian said in an email: “Yes, I supported Al back then because we worked together at Xerox. I haven’t talked to him in years so I really don’t know his stance now or if I would support him [in the future] or not.”

In July of 1999 Bedrosian was charged with assault and battery for spanking a 2-year-old in a hospital waiting room. He stood by his actions and said he’d have done it again according to the news report. CLICK HERE.

More recently Bedrosian challenged Mike Bailey for the Roanoke County Republican Committee chairmanship in a contentious Republican mass meeting. Tea Party Tax Day had brought 300 to the small room in support of Bedrosian – more participants then expected said Bailey at the time.

This may mean something or nothing to Lucas supporters. As Lucas said party affiliation doesn’t mean anything at the local level. Democratic candidates have donated to Republicans. Councilman Ray Ferris donated to his friend and partner Republican Bill Cleaveland when the Democrat Gwen Mason was running for the HOD and voted in the that Republican primary. Democrat Councilman Court Rosen received a donation from his Republican friend Adam Boitnott then chair of the Republican City committee.

The point is that Bowers’ life is an open book good or bad. The Roanoke Times bias against Bowers through the years has been evident both in the editorial pages, the Blue Ridge Caucus and by columnist Dan Casey. Notice the photos used by the Blue Ridge Caucus beside an attractive picture of Lucas.

It isn’t hard to pick a good picture of both candidates. It looks like one of those negative TV ads that opposition candidates use to make a “subtle” point. One honest and clean cut the other dark and evil.

Many papers have ceased endorsing candidates to avoid alienating their dwindling readership. Pointing out the pros and cons is fair and expected. But now that The Roanoke Times Editorial Board has help from Dan Casey and the Blue Ridge Caucus they can double down on any candidate they don’t like.

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Warren Ferguson

April 30th, 2012 at 11:01 PM    

I can’t believe a Democtat is bitching about The Roanoke Times!


May 2nd, 2012 at 9:14 AM    

You must not have been reading the Roanoke Times coverage of this race to make a statement like that.


May 2nd, 2012 at 10:48 AM    

I have read the Roanoke Times coverage and it was not complete IMO. Not the first time little tidbits are left out because “they” don’t think it is relevant.

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