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Mark Warner makes case for less enthusiasm for Obama

On MSNBC Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post quoted Virginia U.S. Senator Mark Warner as saying:

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, a former governor, said that traditional Labor Day rallies around the rural state are a good indicator of political sentiment.


In 2008, Warner said, “Obama for president” yard signs were everywhere. “People were coming in out of the blue to pay for the signs so they could put them up in their yards or carry them at the Labor Day events,” he said.


Last week, as he traveled the state with former Gov. Tim Kaine, who is now running for U.S. Senate, Warner looked for the signs. “Tim and I were commenting to each other that we weren’t seeing the same kind of things,” Warner said. “They weren’t buying the signs, let alone displaying them.”

U.S. Senator Mark Warner

Where are the Obama signs in Virginia? I have seen none nor are there any available at rallies. There are oodles of Tim Kaine signs but no Obama signs. There are Romney/Ryan signs in Roanoke yards and roadways.

Warner didn’t help his party or Obama by bringing this to the media’s attention. What was his purpose in making that negative statement. FOX news picked it up as did MSNBC and CNN. Fineman printed it in Huffpost Politics and Republicans are sending Warner’s remarks out in press releases. I have received at least two on Warner’s remark.

Progressive website Blue Virginia hit Warner on a video calling Warner “sanctimonious” and “trying to elevate himself as better than anyone else.”

“I personally hope that President Obama is going to be re-elected,” said Warner in the video. “But whether you vote for President Obama or Governor Romney….” My God, he is at a Democratic rally.  He hopes, but doesn’t explain why its so important to re-elect President Obama. Can he not make a better case than that.  I could and I am not even a politician. I have not been in the US Senate, sent there by the hard work of the DEMOCRATIC Party and people like us.

If Warner is still considering a run for governor of Virginia and wants the Democratic base to support him he better step up his support for President Obama and quit undermining his own party.

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Bubba Greene

September 12th, 2012 at 8:22 AM    

So, maybe Mark sees the hand writing on the wall. Face it. The big O stands to be one of American’s biggest political embarrassments of all time. Maybe Mark feels being a dedicated American committed to the success of American ideals and values comes before being a “good democrat”. Maybe he’s right. Of course “liberals to the core” like you Val, really don’t care about things like that. Just shows you follow the leaders wrong or “wronger”. For worse or worser. Stupid or stupider…dumb or dumber!


September 12th, 2012 at 7:07 PM    

I follow those with solutions and willing to put their plans on the table. I don’t follow those who say they will repeal ACA then turn around and say but I like some things. I don’t follow someone who says they are pro-choice to get elected in a Dem leaning state then change to pro-life to suit their presidential ambitions. Nor do I follow those who insult other countries. I don’t like those who keep secrets like tax returns. I don’t like mean people or racists or bigots who profess to be doing so in the name of God.

I especially don’t like liars:

Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus. Lie in one thing, lie in everything. It’s a legal principle that says, once proven to be a liar in one thing, it can be inferred that the witness can lie about everything and is, therefore, unreliable.

Bubba Greene

September 12th, 2012 at 8:23 PM    

Val, of all people you should know a little about politics and how they work. Candidates (most ALL of them) have their “secrets”. And they have “people” who are operatives to bring out the trash in a manner to insulate themselves from it yet taking advantage of the implications it will reveal. Take your boy Barry. Where are his university records or loan/financial aid records, for example. And where is your tax return? You ran for office…did you publish it? Did you provide estimates of net worth? Were your assets held in a blind trust? Don’t like people who insult other countries! Bazaar indeed. Let’s hear the praises you would dish out for say Libya. Or maybe Iran. Oh yea, just a small group outside the govt. YOU, Val, would not live through the night in one of these nations. What do you think about other nations who want to obliterate the US, democracy and Christianity? All good people, I’m sure.


September 12th, 2012 at 9:04 PM    

Lordy Bubba I’m talking about Romney’s trip to England and his flubs while abroad.

I filled out a disclosure form. No local candidate discloses tax returns. You are being ridiculous and you know it. You say stuff like this when you don’t have a good response.

I could care less about Obama’s school records. A bunch of made up ignorance just like a birther and those who won’t give up the assertion that he is a Muslim.

Ignorance, ignorance, so tired of the ignorant.

Bubba Greene

September 13th, 2012 at 10:09 AM    

Mornin’ Val:

You know I’m just pulling your chain…somewhat. Let me be very blunt with you. I see you as a very articulate and intelligent person. With that thought, you are a personal challenge…to get you to see the light of conservative political thinking. But let’s move on to one topic you suggest I have no response to. Barry’s college records and specifically info on financial aid. I won’t say he is not an “American” but I will say he is caught in a trap and to have it made public would have destroyed his political future. I feel if he were not born where he claims even the liberal leaning media would have spilled the beans by now. It’s just as big a scoop as Watergate and what “journalist” would not like to expose that? So what’s the issue? Claims that he was a foreign student made on applications completed by him and signed by him. You know a past “publicist” printed a bio on him that he used for years in his early political days back in the Land of Lincoln. In it, she claimed he was foreigh born. (And maybe even claimed he was a Muslim…but not sure.) As I recall, that was checked out after he and she ended their relationship and in 2006 (?) she stated that she just made a simple error and never checked out her “facts”. Can you tell me that don’t have a tad of an odor? Oh yes. The “birther” question is also an aside from the question of being a muslim. FACT is the male child of a muslim man IS by defination “A MUSLIM”. Another reality, as uncomfortable as it is. Islam is a threat to everything “non-muslim”. That includes YOUR religious freedom, YOUR democracy. YOUR social, political and economic system. Do you recall the rise of a very evil person in Germany some time back? His ideology was not a religion, was it? And there are intelligent people all over the world who make the same claim about islam. Gotta go now. I’m sure you will come around in time…hopefully in time for 11-6-2012.

Still don’t know why I cannot post a link.
The error says “Message from web page”. I take that to be YOU. It’s your web page. BTW, does ANYONE actually read this stuff other than you. In you last many articles there is almost no comments. And, at the risk of being overly critical, there is no content that cannot be found elsewhere and sooner. Why bother?


September 13th, 2012 at 6:29 PM    

Conversation occurs on facebook on my posts. I share them there. It is easier to comment there and get immediate feedback and responses.

In addition I keep this site up as a repository. Most of my time is spent writing for The Roanoke Star weekly newspaper.

I was planning to do more opinion but have been too busy. But now that I can blog with opinion at under my photo and name I might do that. Just hanging on to this site for historical purposes. Most of what I post is in The Roanoke Star but put here as a repository easier for me to access.

I will try to do some “opinionating” soon.

Bubba Greene

September 14th, 2012 at 9:24 PM    

FRUMP! Sounds like your working too much and accomplishing too little, but hey, it’s your time. Nothing like keepin’ busy. Also sounds like you have “no good response” (if you’ll permit me to quote YOU).

You know I refuse to actually purchase the Roanoke Times and do not make any effort to follow it’s stories although I do check the web home page just to see what’s going on. I have notice not a single article about the murder of the diplomatic staff and the attack on America. An embassy is, as I’m sure you know, considered a legal property of the nation housed therein. Technically, the US has been attacked and acts of war have been imposed upon us in several countries. You might think that would be news worthy. It is in most real newspapers, but not the Roanoke Times. You know on 9-21-2011 your boy BO offered his praise to the “Arab Spring” movement. And right at this moment the Muslim Brohood is tweeting their support for the violence against the US. AND you know that in 2007 BO stated on public radio that “on the day he is inaugerated” the rest of the world will look at the US differently because of his muslim connections and perspective. Sure don’t appear they are paying much attention to HIM today. Fact is they have not payed any attention to him. Further fact is his ring kissing has been viewed as a sign of weakness and weakness fuels their opposition. These barbarians understand only beheading, but a well placed 50 cal shot to the torso will also convey the proper message. It’s a war, Val. Best get it through your liberal ears and hopefully have it register on the tainted gray matter that is within. Sure wish I could provide you with those vid links. They sure make his royal you know what look and sound stupid. But he is. If your interested, give me an email address and I’ll send them.


September 14th, 2012 at 10:15 PM    

War would be a disaster. I can’t believe you don’t get the tedious “intellectual” balancing act that foreign relations demands. If you paid attention to ALL the news you would know those rioting were a few radicals that just needed some excuse, any excuse. While others hold up signs saying “they don’t represent us” in Libya.

All your BO accusations are so right-wing nutty there is no response to these ridiculous falsehoods spread in hopes of a win for Republicans. People like you just hated him before he even took the oath of office and you know why.

Bubba Greene

September 15th, 2012 at 3:31 PM    

Your such as radical left winger you simply cannot accept reality. Sub-level mind just cannot go there. Too bad. People like you are doing more damage to this country than our external enemies. It’s up to me to help you overcome your blindness. So, you play the race card, huh Val. Petty of you but not at all a surprise. It always come out when you have nothing else to say. A liberal political friend of mine actually has his operatives use it and then he stand up and addresses the points raised, but of course HE does not want to be the one who plays it. But you are correct I did and do dislike Barry before and after. He simply is not the person we need now, nor was he the person we needed in 2008. Honestly, Lady Clinton would have been much better!


September 16th, 2012 at 7:25 PM    

We agree on something Bubba – Lady Clinton was my first choice.

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