Friday, October 17, 2008

Market Building – Welcome Mat Still Out

All the holes are patched so says the City. Did they forget the front door? This is the entrance from Market Street within view of the esthetically challenged former Billy’s Ritz pictured below.
Does anyone see the irony here? The “spiffing up” of the Market area for the grand opening of the Taubman Museum when right next door is this eyesore. In just a few weeks people and officials from throughout the State will attend the much anticipated opening on November 8th and 9th. Now I know that the developer is “loan challenged” in these tight credit economic times but isn’t there something they could do to minimize the visual impact. With construction halted have the mice that are no longer frequenting the Market building taking up residence back here again? Perhaps the developer should hire an exterminator to check it out. I have a vision though not a pretty one of a cartoon like event at the museum opening and mice scampering across feet or even waiting at the door to get in. The City needs to attack the mice issue and as according to one shop keeper roaches as well with a total downtown approach not just one building. Even a layman understands that solving one building’s pest infestation just sends them to another. Roanoke City should address this with the developer and soon … like now!

Posted By Valerie Garner

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