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Martin Jeffrey says vote for Troy Bird November 3

Troy Bird - Martin Jeffrey

Troy Bird - Martin Jeffrey

Martin Jeffrey who lost his bid to incumbent Democrat Onzlee Ware (D-11) in the June primary threw his support behind the Republican candidate Troy Bird. Bird a Republican will face Ware on November 3.

Jeffrey in a press release:

These are extraordinary times, and we face extraordinary challenges in our country and in the Commonwealth. Old ways of dealing with the challenges that confront us in the public domain will only bring new and greater consequences. We have to change fundamentally how we formulate public policy and how we consider the issues and the criteria by which we determine the leaders who govern on our behalf.

Our two party system is all but broken in terms of its ability to be accountable to the people. Millions of dollars, special interests, and legislative loopholes and shortcomings devised by politicians mired in conflicts of interests continue to undermine all of our best interest.

We have to be willing to move beyond labels and comfort to seize the day—to seize the opportunities to build a stronger governance—a stronger Commonwealth.

When considering our options for representation in the 11th District I came to the following conclusions:

  • ·Status Quo politics (Business As Usual) is the enemy of “the people” and a better future
  • Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome (result) is insanity and in this case, social irresponsibility
  • It is critical that all of Virginia is represented in the General Assembly
  • Thousands of Virginians have tattoos and thousands of Virginian men wear their hair long—in fact most of our founding fathers, who were Virginians, wore their hair long–these Virginians are under-represented if represented at all in the General Assembly. The two party, status quo thinking is that their colleagues should all “look like them” – what makes them comfortable. There was a time in Virginia’s history when that school of thought included exclusion based on gender and race.
  • We’re becoming a nation and a state governed by lawyers who create laws to benefit themselves and their interests (friends)—the majority of Virginians are not lawyers—who’s representing their interests?
  • The founding fathers were everyday people who wanted and created a government of, by and for themselves—they wanted to avoid a government run by and on behalf of an “elite few”

I have met with Troy and I am satisfied that he has the capacity to represent myself and the citizens of the 11th district in the finest spirit of the first and founding citizen legislators. Troy and I are certain we don’t agree on every issue and how best to resolve them, however, we are committed to working together to form a new discourse and a new politic.

For these reasons and because we have to have real CHANGE, I will be voting for Troy Bird for the Virginia House of Delegates 11th District seat. I will be notifying all of our supporters in various ways to support the Bird Campaign.

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