Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mayor Bowers On The City Market Building – Audio/Video

Below is the context of what Mayor David Bowers said in comparing the “hope” of the opening of the Market Building to 9-11. I was there and no Council member gave any indication that the comparison offended in any way. I barely remember it. The most glaring declaration during the Retreat has been overlooked by the media. Councilman Nash wanted to NOT reopen the Market building period.. He was supported by Rosen. Dr. Trinkle and Mason questioned Darlene Burcham on the “bond” they had with the vendors. Burcham said that after all the city’s and vendors’ hard work if Market building did not reopen the city would get a “black eye.” Lea and Bowers agreed with Burcham as I believe did Price. Though Nash pressed more on not reopening, in the end Burcham convinced them that if they did not the public not to mention the vendors would not be pleased.

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