Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayor Bowers Sees a Law School in the Future for Roanoke City

Mayor David Bowers - State of the City

Mayor David Bowers - State of the City

Mayor David Bowers in the State of the City Address this morning sponsored by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce called for the creation of a Law School for Roanoke City in 10 years. Bowers compared his vision to the fully accredited Virginia Tech Carilion Medical School that ten years ago was a “laughable dream” that has now come true.

Praising Dr. Ed Murphy and Dr. Cynda Johnson Bowers recalled sitting down in the early 1990s  discussing the future of the Reserve Avenue site. He remembered saying, “Roanoke may even get a medical school some day and we all laughed.” Bowers lauded it as the “greatest economic development project since the railroad came to town.”

Bowers said he is working “behind the scenes for another laughable possibility and that is the creation of a law school in our city over the next ten years.” Naming off cities with law schools like Lynchburg, Grundy, and in particular Elon Law School in Greensboro, North Carolina, Bowers believes Roanoke should have a law school too.

Bowers also wants to expand the Higher Education Center for adult education opportunities beginning by a discussion with community leaders in the region about the placement of a law school in the region.

Bowers predicts that ten years from now he will be able to look back at the laughable idea of a law school in Roanoke City to see it become a reality just as the Virginia Tech Carilion Medical School became a reality this year. 

In these uncertain economic times while moving forward with the City Market Building, downtown amphitheater, and complete the greenway system, open evironmental sustainable buildings, and struggle to increase school graduation rates we should be thankful to live in the Magic City proclaimed Bowers.

“It’s still the Magic City … it’s still the Magic City,” repeated Mayor Bowers in closing.

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