Monday, September 28, 2009

Roanoke Mayor’s Mom hosts Women for Deeds

Women for Deeds

Women for Deeds

Women came and went in Mary Bowers’ house Sunday afternoon. Not just for her cookies and punch but for some very frank discussion on women’s issues and politics.

Mayor David Bowers’ mother has been a lifelong Democrat and member of the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women. The event was moderated by Rachel Loskill staff member for Deeds Country. She had a copy of Republican candidate Bob McDonnell’s 20 year-old thesis. It was a hot topic that strayed from equal pay for equal work to the availability of contraceptives.

Mary Hatch (pictured bottom left) graduated from Georgetown in 1959 with a law degree. She served in the Navy and worked for 4 members of congress in Washington DC for six years. Hatch recounted a story about declining a chance to work for then Senator John F. Kennedy because his office was in the basement – the women let out an audible moan on that little tidbit.

Hatch then recounted her experience when learning that her male counterparts received a pay increase that was mysteriously absent from her paycheck. When she asked why she was slighted she was told that “she did not have a family to support” – again moans from the women in Bowers’ living room.

Standing: Mary Bowers, Gloria Clark, Millie Willis, Freeda Cathcart and seated is Mary Hatch, Betty Hosp, and myself at the end.

The Washington Post linked to this article saying:

And his campaign has begun holding those book clubs we told you about last week, including this one in Roanoke with the mother of Mayor David Bowers.

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V. Garner

September 28th, 2009 at 5:57 PM    

You are a speedy reporter. Congratulations! for giving Mary the recognition as host for the ladies.
In case anyone wants to know, I am Millie Willis, standing between Gloria Clark and Freeda Cathcart.

Thanks again.

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