Thursday, May 27, 2010

McDonnell: Outright cancellation of offshore drilling unnecessary

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

President Obama announced that the White House is canceling Lease Sale 220 off the coast of Virginia scheduled for 2012. Governor Bob McDonnell said he understands but thinks that outright cancellation is not the only alternative.

McDonnell in a statement:

“While I respect his decision, and the need for delay and investigation, I do not believe outright cancellation was the only alternative given the fact that this sale was not due to occur until two years from now, and actual drilling would likely take place years after that. The two-year environmental impact statement already underway would provide ample information about the wisdom of proceeding on to an actual lease sale.”

McDonnell has called Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to inform him of Virginia’s willingness to help.

McDonnell said that “he hopes that the President’s action does not signal the end of offshore energy exploration and production off Virginia in the years ahead. Once we have learned the lessons from this tragic accident, and made the necessary changes and improvements in the offshore industry and government oversight, we should move forward with environmentally responsible domestic offshore energy production for oil and natural gas.”

He compared a retreat from moving forward with offshore drilling to Americans retreating from innovation after tragedies in space exploration.

“The spirit of American progress is to overcome adversity and conquer obstacles, not quit and accept failure. I have great confidence in American ingenuity, intelligence and innovation, and our ability to properly and reasonably move forward following this major setback,” said McDonnell in a press release.

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Thom Ryder

May 27th, 2010 at 6:49 PM    

The Governor is recklessly out of tune. Drilling for gas and oil is a dangerous business.

For a man who professes to cherish the Commonwealth, he sure is willing give it all away and callously mortgage our future.

There is no such thing as safe drilling. With today’s technology, a massive oil spill is inevitable. Our coastline will be lost. Thousands of people will lose their livelihoods. Millions of animals will lose their habitats. It will happen.

I would love to support drilling, but I can only support it if I KNOW that it is safe or that if accidents happen there is a REAL plan in place for containment and timely clean-up.

Short of that, oil drilling off Virginia’s coast is myopic and greed-filled.

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