Thursday, April 15, 2010

McDonnell proposes increase in speeding ticket fine

Governor Bob McDonnell has proposed an increase in the motor vehicle speeding fine from $5 to $6 per mile above the posted speed limit. The fine was last updated in 2003. 

McDonnell proposed the fine increase in part to offset increased funding to the Governor’s Opportunity Fund and reinstatement of an employers’ tax deduction. Justifying the amendments McDonnell said, “We need more good paying jobs in every part of Virginia.”

The Governor vowed to provide funding for providers of intensive in-home services for children at risk. McDonnell also proposed amendments to reflect recent improvements at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). The newly negotiated contract includes a three-year extension and an additional payment of $196 million. The Governor also revoked a localities authority to require contributions to the retirement system to ensure that current local and state employees are treated the same.

In addition McDonnell proposed amendments to shore-up child support enforcement and continue operation of all Department of Corrections facilities in 2011.

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