Monday, November 26, 2007

Meadowbrook Silent on Property Sale


It seems the word has come down from Meadowbrook Corporate Headquarters to Countryside Management that they “can’t talk to us anymore about the property”. This is according to my call today to Steve Smith, General Manager of Meadowbrook. I said “I understand from Chris Chittum of the Roanoke City Planning Department that movement of the stakes (I don’t see one darn inch difference) has satisfied him. Mr. Smith’s only response was “I can’t talk to you anymore about the property”. What does that mean? Did Roanoke City contact Meadowbrook and get Steve Smith in trouble? Did Meadowbrook Attorneys advise him not to communicate with us or anyone else for that matter. I am asking Chris Chittum for the plans for the property that Newbern wants. At this point all we can do is speculate. Something is going on behind the scenes. Either Meadowbrook is not happy with the property’s squeeze on the 2nd and 3rd fairways or they are playing along with the City to be in the running for the Request For Proposal on operating the golf course in the future. Either way the SECRECY only leads to speculation.

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