Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meals tax revenue continues improvement

According to an update from the Director of Finance, Ann Shawver the meals tax continued to improve for the month of October. 

Overall the meals tax has improved for fiscal year 2010 to  a positive 1.1% increase over the first four months of 2009.

In September Shawver was cautiously optomistic in the slight upswing in the overall meals tax over the month of September 2009. It edged up to a positive  .5%.

In August Shawver calculated that “Overall August 2010 meals tax revenue fell 1% compared to August 2009.”  Shawver said then “that while the meals tax is performing better than estimated, it is performing worse than the prior year.”

For fiscal year 2010 every month has exceeded Shawver’s conservative estimate for the 2% slated to go directly to Roanoke City Public Schools.  October was no exception. “October has been the strongest performing month thus far, slightly exceeding September’s performance,” said Shawver.

October meals tax slated for RCPS was 6.8% above the conservative estimate.  Year-to-date (ending in October) the schools portion sits at $1,500,807, a healthy 4.2% above Shawver’s conservative estimate.

August 2010 Meals Tax PDF

September 2010 Meals Tax PDF

October 2010 Meals Tax PDF


(Thanks to Dan Casey’s hurt feelings I was reminded of the most recent figures sitting in my inbox)

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