Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Melvin Williams Responds to Governor Kaine’s Amendment to SB1495

Melvin Williams

Melvin Williams

Republican candidate, Melvin Williams, vying for his party’s nomination to represent the 17th District responds to the question posed to all the candidates in the 17th and 11th district. Williams also responds on his view of Card Check. 
 Melvin Williams earlier announcement can be found HERE.
Williams website is found HERE.

..II agree with the General Assembly’s rejection of the vast expansion of unemployment benefits that SB1495 and HB1889 represented with Gov. Kaine’s amendments.  Yes, we need to help people suffering from unemployment due to no fault of their own.  But these bills were not the right answer.

Had the General Assembly approved either one of these bills then unemployment benefits would have been permanently expanded: once the stimulus money was gone the citizens of Virginia would still be on the hook for the expanded benefits.

These bills as amended by Gov. Kaine were not good for Virginia, and better means exist to assist those unemployed at this time.


I am opposed to card check: the proposed federal legislation invades a basic tenant of the democratic process, i.e., the ability of individuals to cast a vote without fear of retaliation.

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