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Mike Wray Republican Candidate for the 17th – Video

Mike Wray with baby Bell

Mike Wray with baby Bell

This picture is priceless. Mike Wray is holding Brandon Bell’s son Bell is the former Republican Senator of the 22nd District who narrowly lost to Ralph Smith in a primary. Bell was there in support of Wray as were Roanoke County Board Members Mike Altizer and Robert McNamara.

It was a picture perfect moment that made me forget to ask Wray more pertinent political questions. Wray has charisma and name recognition that should carry him well in the primary. Perhaps someone will hold a forum so all five nominees can parse their stances on the issues for the voters. Even if they have similar stances the voters need to see their demeanor so they can picture them “standing up” for the 17th District with gusto!

However, thanks to the video you will glean parts of his announcement. I was late arriving so that is the reason for the out of focus beginning. Then that darn cameraman kept walking in front followed by the jack-of-all- trades self-described better-than-you journalist standing up in front.

Wray with his slow smooth southern style of talking (sort-of like “Mudcat” Saunders) hit a home run with Brandon Bell’s son in his arms. Thanks to The Roanoke Times for answering my question that being it is Bell’s son and not grandson. Forgive me Brandon Bell. My brief interaction with Bell yesterday tells me he would forgive anyone for anything – very much a “human being.”

Wray spoke of privatizing the rest stops with federal approval. Not only does he see it as a safety issue but Wray sees the rest stops as a travelers image of Virginia. Boarded-up rest stops would give Virginia a blighted look.

Wray said he is the leader that Richmond sorely needs right now and “I’ve got the experience.”

Wray said later he was concerned about the bill passed by the House, HB1697, being vetoed by Governor Tim Kaine. The bill extends the moratoriumon on a city’s ability to annex parts of the county. However when I checked Richmond Sunlight it shows that the Governor has signed HB1697.

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