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Mike Wray Talks About Unemployment Veto and Card Check

Mike Wray

Mike Wray

Mike Wray is one of five Republican candidates who will be on the ballot for the June 9th 17th District primary. Wray responds to the General Assembly’s rejection of Governor Tim Kaine’s amendment broadening the definition of the unemployed that would have allowed Virginia to receive $125 million in Federal Funds estimated to compensate for the cost for a period of 2 years. The amendment in its entirety is HERE. Wray’s announcement can be found HERE.

Unemployment Veto

I feel that a more permanent solution would be to give the states the ability to make their own decision of how to use the money.  They should use these monies to create tax incentives to businesses that will hire the unemployed.  This will be a long term solution and not a short term fix. Short term it may ease some pain to individuals, but in the long run we stand to lose more jobs in the future. This could turn into another federal unfunded mandate.

Employee Free Choice Act-Card Check

This is only a way for government to control the operation of large and small businesses.  It empowers the federal government to impose contracts on newly organized businesses. The government would set wages, benefits, work assignments and promotion procedures.  It would authorize the federal control of up to 4 million small businesses employing 39 million Americans.  The small business exemption has no meaning since it would control all non-retail businesses with gross revenue of $50,000.00 and retail businesses with gross revenues over $500,000.00.  This would involve a business with one worker with average pay plus benefits.  

The EFCA would take away worker’s rights to a secret ballot vote on joining a union.  One feature that is also important is the ECFA replaces collective bargaining with government imposed contracts. 

This is another example of the government controlling our lives. It seems the government feels they must tell us what is or is not good for us in the place where we work.

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