Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More uninformed wisdom from the editorial board

When The Roanoke Times editorial board leaves things out of an editorial they certainly do a bang-up job. I knew it was only a matter of time before they descended from the mountain with their 11th commandment “thou shalt not think for yourself you stupid Countryside neighbors.”

Though I suspected a RTEB attack I knew it would be today according to my website stats.

The fact that the Kissito plan was kept from both the neighborhood and the Planning Commission after repeated inquiry doesn’t seem to register with the RTEB. However, this is a personal attack so I should remember that.

Repeated questioning of Chris Chittum, Planning Administrator and Tom Carr, Planning Department Director asking “has anyone expressed any interest in doing anything with the Countryside property?” The answer was a resounding “no” to both the neighbors and the Planning Commission.

My FOIA request today will yield little I suspect. Per Tom Carr there was no inquiry except for Kissito (to whom they gave a presentation on Sept. 21, 2010) and Northwest Recreation Club.

In a call to Chittum months ago I specifically asked for information on any and all inquiries received regarding the property. The answer again was “no.” The answer was actually  “yes.” This is a violation of FOIA as the RTEB knows full well. Just a phone call or e-mail to an employee of the government is considered a FOIA request. You don’t even have to identify it as FOIA.

I see no defense of FOIA from the RTEB or is that only reserved for when they deem the cause worthy.

IT’S ABOUT SECRECY … all this could have been avoided had the Planning Department brought it into the SUNLIGHT during the Planning Commission work sessions.

If we had any idea that Kissito had a plan like this we would have never been lead like sheep to this Master Plan. I can tell you we all feel like fools for ever trusting the city again. I’ve heard that from too many others who have dealt with the city.

A nice quote of the day from a city employee “you don’t want to live beside poor old people do you?” My answer was yes.

After e-mailing the architectural concept plans out to my neighbors I received a call from …

**** No more than that dear RTEB – what you don’t know could fill a phone book.

Kissito Healthcare looks to expand in Roanoke

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