Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No go on the County’s new logo

Roanoke County's rejected logo

It is back to the drawing board for the county’s web site redesign. Without hesitation the Board of Supervisors went thumbs down on the new logo and web design presented by Teresa Hall, Director of Public Information and Bill Greeves, Director of Communications and Information Technology.

A lengthy discussion on the county seal led board member Ed Elswick to say, “If its not going to change I don’t know why we’re discussing it.”

Greeves said they were trying to show “a consistent brand for the site.” The three logo options presented were not replacing the seal nor altering the seal for county official documents. Greeves said the design needed to be “unique” and that the web site should “express where we want to go into the future.” It should have a “more contemporary look” and be easy to integrate with new technology.

CivicPlus a government web design specialist would design the web site at a cost of about $3000. The cost for the entire project is $70,000. According to Greeves the web site must be redesigned because the technology is expiring and would no longer be supported.

Hall compared the design to Roanoke City that had a seal but also had a separate logo.

Chairman Joe “Butch” Church said he “didn’t think we have to reinvent the wheel … its not broken.”

County Administrator Clay Goodman remarked that “the search engine is a disaster.” It takes sometimes 8 clicks to get to where you want to go on the web site.

Board member Charlotte Moore liked the current design that showed different venue pictures at the top but thought it could be lighten up. Board member Richard Flora agreed adding that the home page is too crowded.

Hall defended the design saying the web site is seven years old and difficult for the citizens to navigate. The design should be recognizable as coming from Roanoke County at first glance. “Part of creating a new web site is creating a new look to go with it,” said Hall.

Elslick didn’t like the picture of the two people standing in front of a rock. Elswick wanted to see mountains, trees, open spaces, and the parkway. “People are a dime a dozen,” said Elswick. Hall defended “the people” saying, “they are citizens of the county … people like to see people.” Elswick replied, “I don’t care who those people are I want to see the creeks and the rivers and the waterfalls and the mountains and the trees and the birds and the bees” to chuckles from staff and board members.

Church asked that the team to go back and do something else with the design. Holding the three logo designs up Church said, “these are out the window.”

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