Monday, May 4, 2009

Obstructing View – Accident Waiting to Happen – ANOTHER UPDATE

Ware sign blocks view of oncoming traffic.

Ware sign blocks view of oncoming traffic.

ANOTHER UPDATE: While at City Council meeting today I went to Code Enforcement office and they advised they would contact Onzlee Ware and have his campaign staffers move the sign back 5 feet – I hope this is the end of this –  Easy enough solution.

UPDATE: Officer Weddle’s response from the homeowner was much nicer then the “its my property so stuff it” attitude I received. To Ofc. Weddle she said that she would move it but is physically unable (very true). She said she has no way of getting in touch with the campaign. They come by to PAY her every 30 days. The campaign put it up – the campaign has to move it. I was able to contact our CRO (Community Resource Officer for Zone 4). He is an excellent CRO. Officer Wood is taking steps to resolve it and in his words ASAP. Let’s see where it goes from here.

PRIOR POST: I asked the owners of the home at 2202 Ranch Road intersecting with Cove Road, NW to move the sign back so we could see oncoming traffic while attempting to pull out onto the already busy dangerous intersection. To the left is a hill that already requires a heavy foot on the gas to ensure missing speeding cars over the crest of a hill.

The sign was up for almost a year at the last election and though it violates zoning because when stopping at the stop sign you could not see  Nancy Snodgrass of the Zoning Department allowed it. We had to put up with inching up close to Cove Road to peek around the sign then. But NOW it is way closer to Cove Road and it is impossible to see oncoming traffic to the right. This WILL not continue. The Roanoke City Police is investigating as I type. Officer Weddle is checking to see if it can be taken down until it can be placed farther back from the road. This is utterly ridiculous. Oh, the owners are being PAID to place it in their yard. I stopped to ask the owner to move it back some and she was very ugly and refused. Let’s see what happens.

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Not a Ware Supporter

May 5th, 2009 at 2:57 PM    

It is more than apparent Ms. Garner incessant opposition to Delegate Ware’s campaign that she looks absolutely pathetic in her tactics. She’s been on this quixotic quest every since he started running for re-election for his seat. Even though I don’t support Delegate Ware and would like to see him replaced in the 11th District, antics like Valerie Garner’s only make him look better and better as time goes on.

Case in point was when you went half cocked on the story of Martin Jeffrey’s request for petition documentation that has been merely a publicity stunt on his part, but, in your rush to destroy the delegate, you continue to destroy your own credibility and integrity.

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