Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Roanoke takes it to Wall Street

Adam Cohen as they begin to sing the national anthem.

It started on facebook in solidarity with Manhattan’s Occupy Wall Street movement that started two months ago in front of the New York Stock Exchange. It has grown to thousands with some camping out at Thompkins Park. 

The common thread that has broken out in about 70 other cities is a loathing for greedy corporations and expanding economic disparity.

Occupy Roanoke’s website mission statement is simple: “to bring attention locally and worldwide to the greed, corruption, and loss of rights in America. To rightfully put back ‘We The People’ in the U.S. Constitution.”

Friday 10 supporters came together at Roanoke City Market on the symbolic “Wall Street” and sang the national anthem. They held American flags and handmade signs. Roanoke Police Officer E. R. Pendleton just smiled as they assembled and said he was “just going in [the Market building] and eat lunch.”

There were ominous lookouts poised in the upper floors over Cornerstone Bar and Grill. Police officers taking pictures and video. [An inquiry to Chief Perkins will be included here Monday].

But my guess it is just in case of an altercation with “somebody” – either that or all who attended including media now have FBI files. [Flashback to the 60s]

A facebook invitation went out Thursday night from Adam Cohen calling for a “flash mob” at noon. Cohen who showed up early said he is not the leader of the group saying “there are no leaders – it’s a group consensus type of thing.”

Bill Carder former Roanoke City council member and former Downtown Roanoke Inc. president held one end of a large American flag. Carder said, “the people are really upset about the system being broken.” He was particularly perturbed at congress’ inability to function. “We should have universal healthcare – every other modern country in the world has it,” he said.

“Term limits would prevent entrenchment in the political bubble and corruption by lobbyists,” said Carder.

Cohen accused Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell of cavorting with the billionaire GOP donors David and Charles Koch. He claimed that the governor’s media reported Colorado meeting with them in June ultimately fed Virginia Republican campaigns. He lamented over that money being used to target seats in the Virginia Senate.

More rallies are planed next weekend as they get a city permit to assemble in a visible area Cohen said. A planning meeting will be held Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke on Grandin Road at 2:00 p.m.

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Jack Mcguire

October 8th, 2011 at 8:27 AM    

Carder is the Palin of City govt. Twice he quit Council after being elected. He also is another not from Roanoker who ran Downtown Roanoke….So his “broken” system remark is really idiotic. He is a self serving person whose opinion changes in whatever direction serves him best. And is and has been part of the system.
And Wall St isn’t the problem.It is government.
If you really want change eliminate the lobby system, it is that easy.
And Carders Universal Healthcare remark failed to mention that Countries with Universal Healthcare not only have poor healthcare, but are going broke. Ask Greece or Spain. The anti Wallstreet movement is a false one, directed by Democrats to distract from the poor job Obama is doing. Inflated by a left wing press, desperate to save a failing president.

bill carder

October 8th, 2011 at 3:30 PM    

Jack…I don’t know if we have ever met?
I usually don’t comment on posts such as this but in this case only to set the record straight…I won election to Council only once and my reason for leaving that service and the City of Roanoke was personal…It was not an easy decision in any way…I agonized about it quite a bit….but at that time with the Patrick Henry Hotel on the verge of closing and Marriott recruiting me back for the project at Berry Hill….I had no choice if I was to provide for my family…..As far as being opportunistic…I’d like to know what opportunity…other than volunteer to line up parades and building homes for Habitat for Humanity …I enjoy sailing and playing music…In terms of Politics …I get my fix watching Maddow and The Last Word…..that’s about the extent of my political involvement…
I’m attaching a Blog I wrote and you might find we have some views in common…who knows…I still do love a vibrant..civil…discussion on the issues and would invite you to comment….

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