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“On the Way to Charlotte” Democratic officials spread the message

DPVA Chair Brian Moran flanked by Edwards, Price and Armstrong

DPVA chair Brian Moran, former Virginia state House minority leader Ward Armstrong, Senator John Edwards and Councilwoman Anita Price Thursday made the case for the Affordable Healthcare Act at a press conference at Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea.

In Charlotte on September 4-6 the Democrats will get their turn to make the case to the American people on why they should reelect President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden. At the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week the bulk of the Romney/Ryan message was ACA and the cuts of over $700 billion dollars over 10 years that the Democrats are taking from Medicare.

Republicans say they are going to save Medicare for seniors. The Democrats say the ACA doesn’t take one benefit away from seniors. The savings are in administrative costs, computerization of health records, from insurance companies and healthcare providers through healthcare outcomes rather than fees for service. Hospital care providers agreed to less reimbursement for more paying patients. The savings are passed on to preventive and well care.

The Republicans say nothing will change for seniors 55 and over. The under 55 will receive vouchers to buy their own healthcare when they retire that will save $700 billion over 10 years. Which message gets through is the battle setting up to win the senior vote. Democrats traditionally have won senior support on Medicare but Republicans see an opening with the changes in the ACA.

Moran said they wanted to “recognize the many substantive differences in our candidates – they are many and dramatic.” He called the Romney/Ryan/Allen ticket “radical … especially on healthcare and women’s rights.”

Moran said the Republican ticket would “eliminate the security from social security.” He said their plan is to privatize social security making benefits vulnerable to the whims of the stock market.

Price said, “vouchers leave a very bad taste in my mouth.” Seniors will see more and more money out of their pockets and more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires she said.

Former Minority Leader Ward Armstrong

Armstrong said, the Medicare plan of the Romeny/Ryan ticket “is ludicrous  – its crazy to do that on something that we depend upon.” He took a swipe at Republican candidate for senate George Allen saying he voted to privatize social security and supports what the ticket now wants to do with Medicare. “It’s wrong headed and ultimately I think it is designed for failure.” He pledged to help his 96 year-old mother and all seniors to continue Medicare.

Edwards said he was “perplexed why the Republicans would make Medicare an issue – it’s not a winning issue for them.” He said that the Republican were “totally misleading by what is on TV with regard to $716 billion in savings under the ACA.” The savings are in efficiency – waste, fraud and abuse said Edwards. He emphasized that the $716 billion stays in the Medicare program “and expands benefits and improves benefits and extends the life of Medicare.”

The Republican plan takes that money out of Medicare completely in order to reduce the tax rate for the rich said Edwards. The difference would be made up with vouchers that would force seniors to buy health insurance from the private sector. “Seniors would have to pay the difference and the rising cost for health insurance,” he said. Seniors get the bill for the Republicans $716 billion savings.

The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans plan is that the Democrats keep the $716 billion of savings in the plan and expands and improves Medicare said Edwards. “The Republicans are demagoging and misleading the public when it comes to the $716 billion – Obamacare keeps it in the plan and the Republicans take it out of the plan.”

DPVA chair Moran has dropped his day job as a spokesperson and lobbyist for Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities for which he has taken some “progressive” Democrat heat. He is campaigning in Virginia full time.

Armstrong said he was still considering running for the Democratic nomination for Virginia attorney general. He has family issues to consider before making up his mind. He is still in Martinsville but plans to open an office around Richmond.

Mike Signer is expected to also announce for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Signer ran for [the Democratic nomination for] Lieutenant Governor in 2009. Senator Mark Herring has already announced for attorney general. Aneesh Chopra has announced for Lieutenant Governor.

Virginia Republican candidates lining up for a 2013 convention and attorney general nomination are Sen. Mark Obenshain (favored), Del. Rob Bell of Albemarle and John Frey clerk of court in Fairfax.

Republicans for Lieutenant Governor nomination are Del. Scott Lingamfelter of Prince William, Sen. Steve Martin of Chesterfield, Susan Stimpson of Stafford County Board of Supervisors, former Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis and Washington, D.C. liaison for Governor Bob McDonnell.

Of course there is the convention battle between Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2013.

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September 1st, 2012 at 3:53 PM    

Mike Signer did not run for Lieutenant Governor in 2009. He ran for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor. Jody Wagner ran for Lieuteant Governor in 2009.


September 1st, 2012 at 8:47 PM    

Thank you for the correction. An oversight on my part.

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