Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Panic turns to promise for Countryside Golf Club

Drizzle not a deterrent for golfers today at Countryside Golf Course

Drizzle not a deterrent for golfers today at Countryside Golf Course

The end is nigh to the current management agreement between Roanoke City and Florida based Meadowbrook, Inc. October 31 is the drop-dead date and by coincidence Halloween.

The Countryside Golf Course on life-support since 2005 is coming out of its five-year comma. There will be no more year to year anxiety and emotional roller coaster rides for the neighbors, golfers and staff.

The staff employed by Meadowbrook was upbeat Tuesday afternoon after the Vice President of Operations, Scott Beasley flew in from Florida to meet with the city manager and attorneys this morning. “It’s looking good,” said Beasley though non-committal but smiling.

Manager Bobby Kidder has been living in a motel room for the past six months. He is looking forward to a permanent home so he can move his wife and son from Richmond. It has been a hardship for Kidder driving back and forth to Richmond on his days off to see his family.

The meeting was pleasant according to Beasley and Kidder. A final agreement and contract award will be announced in a few days.

Storage Pod stands ready

Storage Pod stands ready

However, the storage Pod stands ready just in case. Phone calls and inquiries by alarmed neighborhoods and golfers came in when spotting the storage Pod. The staff was kept busy answering “unanswerable” questions. The Pod was there to prepare for the worst.

With things looking up and plans being made the Pod will be used instead for incidentals that there is no room for now. There are only a few days to go. Golfers one by one asked Tuesday afternoon, “what’s taking them so long.” A question I could answer but would have taken me the rest of the day to explain the complications. I didn’t want to see their eyes glaze over.

At City Manager, Darlene Burcham’s urging Council in 2005 approved purchase of the 140 acre golf course. They expected high-end housing and mixed-use development. Developers didn’t think it was such a good idea and stayed away like the plague.

Tuesday afternoon Beasley was off to catch a flight back to Florida to await word and contract. Stay tuned for a formal announcement in a few days.

OLD VIDEO of one of many clock ticking, knuckle biting, citizen abuse deadlines – waiting for a Queen Darlene decision (In desparation Burcham/Council gave developer Foti Fantasy a year to come up with a development paln. They gave up shortly after August 1, 2007):

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October 27th, 2009 at 9:39 PM    

Does this mean they’ll finally cut the grass? :)

It’s been a rough ride…but certainly was eventful. I can honestly say that I’m proud that a community was able to come together to affect a positive outcome for the citizens of the valley. Congratulations…Shoot I shouldn’t celebrate yet…not until the i’s are dotted.

Henry Hale

October 27th, 2009 at 9:51 PM    

Not to speak too soon, but it seems that the Countryside community is going to receive a positive outcome. It will be a stable solution for the golf course, and one that the residents have fought for a long time. If all goes well and a long term contract is signed, congratulations is due to you for your diligent work in keeping the land for the use it will be utilized. If not for you and your supporters, there is no doubt that this land would not be continued to be operated in such manner.

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