Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passing the environmental “buck” on “clean and green” video

The airport “IS special,” says Danielle Bishop Development Review Coordinator for the City of Roanoke. In an email from Chris Chittum, Planning Administrator the Roanoke Regional Airport has “what is called an MS4 permit from the state.”

ROA is not subject to local erosion and sediment control or stormwater management ordinances. They are however subject to the State of Virginia’s laws according to Chittum. Roanoke has no permitting or enforcement authority over the airport.

Chittum explained that the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) enforces state codes on erosion. He did not understand why DCR is passing the buck nor why Dan Repella, Stormwater Compliance Specialist with the DCR passed it off to the Army Corps of Engineers.

The City could not “legally compel the airport to do anything”, said Chittum. He then referred the matter to the Environmental Administrator Christopher Blakeman. Blakeman then contacted the airport and again they reiterated their intent to hydroseed the area. This confirmed what the city’s civil engineer Joe Johnson-Koroma and airport environmental coordinator Alex Plaza settled on March 22. Blakeman will continue to monitor the sight per Chittum.

Meanwhile the flooding continues and cleanup of the low-level bridge on Frontage Road continues to wait for either the city or the airport to clear. The photos and video were taken at 6:00 pm Sunday March 28.

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