Monday, September 28, 2009

Pat Patterson recognized in State Scholars Initiative Newsletter

Patrick Patterson and Governor Tim Kaine

Patrick Patterson and Governor Tim Kaine

Each year Commonwealth Scholars participant William Byrd High School (WBHS) brings almost 100 percent of its students and their parents to join teachers, advisors, and community leaders for an event called One Day Registration, where students can review their course of study and become familiar with additional resources and opportunities for help.

One result of this and other WBHS efforts: a remarkable increase in the number of students taking physics. This spring 108 graduates had completed physics, a 157 percent increase from 2007. In all, the school graduated 287 students this year, and 97 were Commonwealth Scholars.

One of the individuals who has helped WBHS to succeed as a Scholars school is Patrick Patterson, site coordinator, whose work was recently commended by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Patterson notes that Scholars has also led students to challenge themselves in math as well as physics. “We recently learned that because of our desire to push all of our graduates to take algebra 2 at a minimum, our matriculating students to Virginia Western Community College are in a very strong position to avoid being enrolled in remedial mathematics courses,” he says.

To help other schools, Patterson and WBHS Principal Richard Turner worked with Virginia Scholars Director Betsy McClearn to develop a toolkit to share with other school divisions across the state. WBHS also hosted annual meetings to share successful practices and give other schools the opportunity to observe One Day Registration. With the expectation that all high school students in Virginia can benefit from State Scholars, the program will begin statewide expansion through Virginia’s 23 community colleges in September.

Patrick Patterson is running for Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, Vinton District.

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