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Paul Ryan endorses Ed Gillespie at Republican Convention Gala

Congressman Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan

At the Republican Gala Friday night Wisconsin Congressman and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was guest speaker. His support for Ed Gillespie was clear. Gillespie should be the Republican nominee at Saturday’s convention to go against U.S. Senate  incumbent Democrat Mark Warner in November.

Gillespie has name recognition to his advantage. He is past Chairman of the Republican National Committee, was senior advisor to Mitt Romney 2012 and former was Counselor to the President in the George W. Bush White House.

The convention begins at 10:00 p.m. Saturday morning at the Roanoke Civic Center.

Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie’s Irish twinkle.

Former Governor Jim Gilmore, E. W. Jackson, Senators, Congressman and a bit of a surprise was Roanoke Councilman Ray Ferris who later joined the Ed Gillespie crowd at the O. Winston Link Museum (Gillespie’s Hospitality Suite).

Ryan towards the end of his address called Gillespie “a dear friend … Ed Gillespie is a committed person, a committed conservative. We need someone who knows how to win.” Ryan said Gillespie put himself through school and worked the Senate parking lot.

“I’d kind of like to see him go from the Senate parking lot to the Senate floor,” he said. Besides that “he’s got an Irish twinkle in his eye.”

Ryan chided President Obama for weakness in his foreign policy, for going around Congress with his latest environmental directive, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act financial regulations  that Ryan called “Obamacare for banks.” Dodd-Frank was in response to the financial collapse and bail outs of 2008.

Gala_web“We have to be an effective opposition Party,” Ryan said. We’re going to do investigations on Benghazi, the Veterans Administration and the five Taliban Guantanamo detainees swapped for a soldier without going through Congress first as required by law.

Ryan said that the Republican Party cannot just be an opposition party but needs to put forth solutions. He said, “it is a statistical certainty that we will give the next generation an inferior standard of living and a lower quality of life if we stay on the path we are on.”

Ryan claimed that the Republican Party was not as divided as the media makes it out to be – “we agree on the same principles … every now and then we disagree on tactics.” Those disagreements need to be put aside – put into perspective and we need to unite he said.

There are three other candidates vying for the nomination. At the Gala there were many delegates sporting a Shak Hill sticker. Hill was a councilman and a flight commander in the Presidential Wing, Andrews AFB, MD and a decorated combat pilot. He and his wife, Robin have fostered 46 children and live in Centreville.

Earlier Hill held a Hospitality Suite at Roanoke Range & Training. He invited potential delegates to bring their firearms and to Bring Your Own Bullets (BYOB) and he would provide the firing lanes.

Ed Gillespie tries garnering support from Russell County Republican Chair Duane McIntyre and Adam Graham, Vice Chair

Ed Gillespie tries garnering support from Russell County Republican Chair Duane McIntyre and Adam Graham, Vice Chair

Russell County Republican Chair Duane McIntyre and Vice Chair Adam Graham sported Hill’s sticker (pictured right) but were covering their bases in case Hill was cut on the first round of voting Saturday. They were not too enamored with Ed Gillespie but listened to what he had to say anyway.

Hill had always been available to them – treating them to dinners. He is just a real nice guy they said.

Another candidate, Tony DeTora, said he knows how things work in Washington. “I want to go there not to play the games better but start to undo them.” That he said makes him different from Ed Gillespie and the other candidates.  He said replacing the Affordable Care Act is “unacceptable.” Congress on its own could have instructed the state Insurance Commissioners to accept patients with pre-existing conditions and to keep children on parents insurance policies until they reached age 26 he said.

Tony DeTora

Tony DeTora

DeTora currently serves as the Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Vice Chairman of the House Science Committee, and former Speechwriter and Special Assistant to President Reagan.

Roanoke Tea Party leaders support DeTora but would settle for Shak Hill said Greg Aldridge.

A fourth candidate, Chuck Moss, is resident of Nokesville. Moss is a network designer and founded Complete Network Solutions (CNSI) in 1996. The company supports government, military, commercial, and non-profit organizations.

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