Thursday, March 24, 2011

Police Alert – Frauds Targeting Seniors

The City of Roanoke Police Department is currently investigating recent cases of fraudulent offenses targeting our senior population. Individuals are calling senior citizens and posing as their own grandchildren before requesting money to be wired to them for a variety of unfortunate situations. The caller states something similar to “Grandma, how are you?” Grandma responds “Billy, is that you?” The caller then carries on the conversation posing as “Billy the grandson”.

These individuals state that they desperately need money to be wired via Western Union for such reasons as “to pay for an attorney or to pay for bail money since they obtained a DUI charge.” Senior citizens are wiring thousands of dollars to these fraudulent individuals c/o the fictitious attorney, fictitious bail bondman, etc.

Roanoke Police recommends that if you receive a call similar to these examples, hang up the phone and contact your local law enforcement office. Always verify detailed information that only your family would have knowledge and contact other family members with this information for verification purposes.

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