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Police Chief rubs in their hockey victory over the fire department

Fire Chief Hoback receives a hockey puck with Guns vs. Hoses score..

It wasn’t the main reason Police Chief Chris Perkins was at Monday morning’s city council briefing but it was the most entertaining to watch. Chief Perkins got the opportunity to trumpet the “Guns” hockey team win (5-1) over the fire department “Hoses” on January 21.

The hockey puck he presented to Fire Chief David Hoback not only had the 5-1 score from January but also had the record score of 8-1 from a previous win.

“In honor of the police victory once again,” said Perkins “I wanted you [Hoback] to always remember our win with this hockey puck.”

It had been a record setting event for the 9th annual game between the Guns and Hoses this year. It set attendance records and raised $27,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The more serious reason for both of them at council was to present statistics for 2011. 

Chief Perkins’ report to council had domestic violent crime down 26 percent from 2010. This was an objective in his 2010 report to council. The department now uses cyber community policing with facebook as well as traditional policing methods. Police have been walking neighborhoods talking to residents and attending neighborhood meetings.

Overall violent crime was down 10 percent in 2011 with an increase though in rape cases from 30 to 37. Assaults and homicides were down 17 and 22 percent respectively.

Fire Chief Hoback takes his ribbing from Police Chief Perkins.

There was an uptick in burglary and motor vehicle theft. Perkins explained that moped were now included as vehicles causing that number to jump. Use of force and complaints against officers were down substantially.

Crime is down in the first month in Hurt Park since the Drug Market Initiative (DMI) was initiated. By spring the numbers “will tell the true story,” said Perkins. Four of the original five in the DMI program are doing well with the second chance they have been given. One 18 year old fell prey to his peers and is expected to do some jail time.

Property crime is at a plateau. Perkins issued a challenge to residents saying “we’re only as good as the person who locks their car and takes their stuff … lock it or lose it.”

Fire Chief Hoback told city council they had a 3.2 percent drop in demand. With a response time performance standard of 90 percent he said there were only 4 times that missed the mark.

Working fires dropped from 91 to 61 in 2011. Arsons had been on a steady climb since 2008 but have also dropped substantially. EMS calls had decreased by over 600 due to nursing home education. EMS is not responsible for routine nursing home transportation said Hoback. 

Improvements in the fire department were due to a reinstatement of funding for training that had been lost due to budget cuts. There are new engines and a ladder truck on the way. Educating the public and preventing fires from starting is the goal.

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