Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Committee fined by the Virginia State Board

In a bit of confusion during a change in officers of the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women’s Committee an oversight led to a $200 fine levied by the Virginia State Board of Elections on Monday. The fine was reduced from $1500 to $200 according to the minutes of the meeting.

In a letter sent to the three member board on January 13 stated that they should have registered as a Political Action Committee. They had contributed more than $200 requiring that they also should have filed a report.

The SBE had listed contributions totaling $1500. The RVDW’s contribution of $1000 to Democrat Gwen Mason was not one of them. Mason’s financial report showed no contribution by the committee. Mason ran against Republican Bill Cleaveland in 2009 for the 17th District in the House of Delegates. 

The committee registered as a PAC and was able to negotiate the reduction in the fine.

Draft minutes from the SBE meeting Monday:

The next item on the agenda was the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women. Peter Goldin explained that they were a PAC that failed to file with the State Board. They tried to provide an explanation but were still required to file based on their expenditure amounts. They requested a waiver of all penalties. The recommendation from staff was to reduce the original penalty of $1,500.00 to $200.00; $100.00 for filing a late statement of organization and $100.00 for filing their last report late. Vice-Chair Pyon made a motion to uphold the penalty of $200.00. Secretary Rodrigues seconded, and the motion was unanimously adopted by the Board.

The letter sent to the SBE board by Peter Golden, Policy Analyst can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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