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Postponed Rezoning of TRANE Acre – Updated

Above (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE) is a rendering of the addition to the TRANE building. Below is an overhead view as provided to the Planning Department. This was to be reviewed by the Zoning Commission for recommendation to rezone the acre from ROS (Recreational Open Space) to L1 (Light Industrial).

I received a letter that the scheduled public hearing for the rezoning of the acre being sold to Newbern, LLC, for the TRANE expansion has been canceled. The letter from Martha Franklin, Secretary for Roanoke City Planning, Building and Development stated that they would notify all when it is rescheduled. I called Martha Franklin to ask for the reason after reviewing the Permit description “Boundary Line Adjustment” to ask for the reason of the postponement. Ms. Franklin informed me that it was due to a modification in the building’s design. Ms. Franklin assured me that this was not an increase in the amount of land originally requested.
UPDATE – answer I received from Brian Townsend regarding WHEN the RFP for continued operation of the golf course was going to be issued. I also asked about the $55K price for the acre and if it had been earmarked for golf course improvements (which I could have guessed it had not). You can see that nothing is going to occur for awhile. This response came on May 28th.
Ms. Garner, we will be briefing the City Council on this issue in either late July or early August so as to ensure that the new Council members are part of the discussion. As you know our existing contract with Meadowbrook remains in place until October. As your second question, the property transaction has not closed yet, so the City has not yet received the funding. Appropriation of funds for any purpose is within the purviewof the City Council, not the administration. I would anticipate that that matter would be part of the upcoming briefing / discussion with the City Council.
Brian Townsend
Assistant City Manager for Community Development, City of Roanoke
Below is the Permit from roanokeva.gov/GIS:
Permit Number:SU080037 Prefix: Commercial Type: Subdivision Plat Sub Type: MINOR Description: Boundary Line Adjustment Taxmap Number:
6472001 Permit Address: 2353 HIGHLAND FARM RD NW Owner: NEWBERN PROPERTIES LLC 2353 HIGHLAND FARM RD NW ROANOKE,VA 24017 Applicant: CRAIGHEAD & ASSOCIATES Date Entered: 2008/05/29

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Chris Berry

June 10th, 2008 at 11:07 PM    

Keep a watchful eye on this Valerie. I hate to be suspicious of everything, but our leaders seem less trustworthy by the minute.


June 11th, 2008 at 2:38 AM    


Where did the 30′ buffer for the 23×282′ warehouse addition come from?

What does it mean on the overhead plan when it states “New Area 30′?”
Did the city grant a 30′ buffer from land the city still owns? Shouldn’t any buffer be from land Trane owns? Of course, if they already had room to have a 23′ +30′ addition, then I’m fine with that side of the project.

It just seems to me that right now, there is no more than a 30′ buffer between the current warehouse and the course property…but if the buffer is currently MORE than 53′, it’s cool.

I guess I’m naturally suspicious, and I think history validates my paranoia.


June 11th, 2008 at 5:21 AM    

Good questions that I would ask at the Planning Commission when a new date is set. The addition to the building is 30′ then it looks like a 15′ buffer according to the first drawing.

When driving by going to the Holiday Inn for our meeting I spyed another survey steak at Frontage Road. I’ll go take a picture and post it.


June 11th, 2008 at 5:32 AM    

I calculate it to be 27′. Taking
23′ building expansion of the requested purchase of 30′ leaving 7 feet from TRANE building to property line. Then 7′ plus the 20′ = 27′?

Now that 20′ is not Newbern’s – it is the golf course and the City’s property. This is what was conveyed to Meadowbrook. I guess the 20′ buffer is the City’s responsibility to landscape. Unless Newbern is actually buying 50′ …. your guess as good as mine.


June 11th, 2008 at 5:36 AM    

Now looking at it – the building takes up 30 feet (23 + 7) and then another 30 ft buffer? 60 feet? Why do they need that part of the “triangle” all the way out into the third fairway?


June 11th, 2008 at 8:38 PM    

Does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

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